15 ‘Yes Or No’ Questions That'll Make The Conversation SO Hot!

15 ‘Yes Or No’ Questions That'll Make The Conversation SO Hot!

Hello, girlies! Looking to spice things up or take the intimacy levels with your sweetheart, a few notches up? What better way to do so than playing a game of ‘Yes or No’ questions! Here is a list of some steamy questions that’ll definitely leave sparks flying between you and your partner and end in something very very naughty. Read on and be prepared for some hanky panky… (P.S. Don't tell us that we didn't warn you about how this would end *wink*)

1. Have you ever fantasised about having sex in a public place?

Response to Yes: Then what are we waiting for? *wink*

Response to No: Then maybe you should!

 1-yes or no questions - girl saying yes

2. Can I lick the chocolate off of your fingers?

Response to Yes: (insert action)

Response to No: Do you want me to try it off of somewhere else?

3. Do you find the idea of making out in the elevator exciting?

Response to Yes: Me too, baby!

Response to No: I guess you’re right, what if we bump into chachi’s brother’s niece in the elevator. Phewww!

4. Would you ever like to accompany me when I go lingerie shopping?

Response to Yes: Saturday, 7 pm works?

Response to No: Okay, then get ready for a surprise sweetheart!

4-yes or no questions - shopping

5. Do you think I could sneak you in when my parents are at home?

Response to Yes: Aha, let’s wait for them to leave and then get some hanky panky!

Response to No: I love the thrill of getting frisky when they’re around too!!

6. Does the idea of girls having a little fun with each other excite you?

Response to Yes: So, I have this friend...

Response to No: What about you and I got a little naughty with each other?

7. Can I please wax you?

Response to Yes: Wax, set, go!

Response to No: Awwwwww, that’s a shame!

7-yes or no questions - man getting waxed

8. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Response to Yes: * Love is in the air * plays in the background

Response to No: Okay, let’s plan a second date then!

9. Have you ever used a dating app?

Response to Yes: Tell me more about it?

Response to No: High five to that!

10. Do you like experimenting in bed?

Response to Yes: BDSM or role play, take your pick, honey!

Response to No: Well, I make you start lovin’ it boy!

10- yes or no questions - jennifer lawrence

11. Does the thought of threesomes turn you on?

Response to Yes: Well, you’re all mine from now on, so let’s pack that fantasy of yours in a box far far away.

Response to No: I’m glad we are on the same page.

12. Do you like my hair tied up?

Response to Yes: Ahaa, and a naughty student role play to go with it?

Response to No: *Throws away the hair tie and lets her hair down*

12- yes or no questions. - girl tying her hair

13. Would you mind your girl going au natural down there?

Response to Yes: Yay, I won’t have to undergo the ordeal of a bikini wax #Relieved!

Response to No: Pheeww, mental note to self-time for a bikini wax.

14. Have you ever farted/ burped during an intimate moment?

Response to Yes: Hahahahahaa, I love your honesty boy!

Response to No: Ahem ahem!

15. Do you think you’re a good kisser?

Response to Yes: Prove it, maybe?

Response to No: Practice with me for starters?

15 - yes or no questions - the notebook ryan gosling

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