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Hijabs Just Got A Stylish Makeover & We LOVE It!

Hijabs Just Got A Stylish Makeover & We LOVE It!

If you thought covering up isn’t considered 'fashionable', you might want to rethink that now. As fashion diversifies, the attempts from brands and their marketing teams to follow suit have doubled.


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And that’s exactly how Hijab fashion came about. Hijab is the scarf that women who follow Islam use to cover their head. The industry never really catered to the muslim fashion market until it was projected to be a booming one with an estimated purchasing power of 17,000 billion!


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Muslim women are fashionable, but their hijabs didn’t reflect that. Women were slowly becoming experimental with their styles and silhouettes, going beyond wearing the hijab in the prescribed black. This gave rise to the whole modest fashion phenomenon, which had women dressing conservatively but still looking as rad as ever! Obviously, as soon as brands took notice, this became a lucrative business.


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Dressing conservatively and at the same time, keeping up with the trends isn’t all that easy. But hijab fashion manages to give a fresh perspective.


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With brands such as Dolce Gabbana, Oscar De La Renta and Tommy Hilfiger start their micro collections, the industry is welcoming Hijab fashion like never before.

In fact, a lot of super fashionable muslim women have taken this opportunity to come forward and showcase their personal style. Hijab fashion allows women to maintain their individuality while experimenting with the latest styles and collections.


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It has paved the way for #modestfashion and also carved a way for self expression and self love.

‘Inclusivity in fashion is a big fat lie.’ - Well, not anymore!

Published on Jul 23, 2017
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