Research Reveals What Men Really Want After Sex!

Research Reveals What Men Really Want After Sex!

Have you ever wondered what men want in bed? Having sex with someone is often not only about your desires and needs but also what the other person expects out of it. While the answer to this question is quite subjective and something we’re still working on, there is a research that talks about what men want after sex.

And the answer will definitely surprise you! Don’t believe us? Read on!

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A study conducted by Happify, reveals that men  in long term relationships consider kissing and cuddling after sex a priority. Woah! And here we were thinking they were only into kinky things!

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Turns out that men like the simple things as much as we do - actually, even more! The same research also revealed that couples who cuddle up after sex are happier in both their sexual and non-sexual life.

Well, not to brag or anything, but we always knew cuddling was the stuff dreams are made of!

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