The Most Annoying Wedding Gifts No Bride Wants To Receive!

The Most Annoying Wedding Gifts No Bride Wants To Receive!

Weddings are special for many reasons and what makes them even more exciting is the 'surprise' element that often comes in the forms of gifts. But wait a minute... As a bride, have you ever looked at a gift and felt bad that it could have been better? Have you ever unwrapped a gift and looked in dismay at the contents of it? Here are five annoying wedding gifts that no bride wants to receive on her special day. Take a look and let us know if you agree!

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1. Statues of Gods

Ok. So we know that being spiritual is a part of our culture but this is taking it to the next level. Do guests really think when they are gifting the couple? Perhaps the most irritating is receiving statues of all gods possible and that too in bulk! How many can the bride actually stock in her house?  


2. Tea Cup Sets

Every bride wants to do her house in a way special and stocking up is a part of it. But an excess of tea cup sets? Really? Brides want real gifts, something they can cherish and feel the joy in receiving. But apparently many guests do not think creatively. Tea cup sets are so old world!


3. Silver Coins

Another common and annoying gift that brides receive are silver coins. It's as if the guests have run out of ideas and the best thing to gift is an old coin lying in the house. All one needs to do is just polish it and dash it off to the bride and groom. This gift item certainly makes it to the top of the list!


4. Kitchen Utensils

Just when a bride is dreaming of unwrapping her box of surprises on her special day, she's in for a rude shock! There are no dreamy gifts or delicate jewelry in that box for her. It's a set of utensils with the grifter's name inscribed on it. And these gifts come by the dozen!


5. Towels

Horror of all horrors! Brides and grooms actually get towels as their wedding gift. And to make it more cheesy, guests have the initials or the name of the couple printed on it along with a picture. Some go a step further by adding hearts to it or with images of cupid! Now who would want that?


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