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10 Ways To Make Your Fiancé Feel Like A Part Of Your Family!

10 Ways To Make Your Fiancé Feel Like A Part Of Your Family!

Of course you want your family to get along with your fiancé. Truth be told, you want them to kinda fall in love with each other. After all, they’re the most important people in your life and until they take a liking for each other, your wedding won’t be perfect. Here, then, are 10 ways in which you can make your fiance feel welcome into your family.

1. Take a road trip with your fiancé and your clan.

There’s no better way to let the two sides get to know each other than by travelling together. Rent a mini bus, and take a short trip to the hills or the lake. Trust us, on the way back, you’d feel like you’re all one big, happy family already.

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2. Invite your fiancé home for dinners.

Don’t invite him over only on special occasions. That’ll make things too… formal, you know? Instead, call him at your place casually and let regular dinner conversations weave him into your family, as one of your own.

3. Make him a part of someone’s birthday or anniversary surprise.

There’s something about the secrecy of carrying out a surprise that makes friends out of everyone involved. So, include him in the plan and watch him partake in it as one of the clan. There’s no better way to break the ice between the two sides, really.

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4. Show him old albums and videos of your childhood.

The thing about old albums and videos is that it brings back many lost memories, every single time you open them up. What better way to get him to bond with your family, then, than by sharing these earliest memories with him. Plus, it’ll help him get to know you and your fam better.

5. Tell him about your family members and share all big and small details about them.

You’re the point of entry for your fiancé, into your family. So, it’s kinda your responsibility to fill him in on all the details about everyone else. Tell him all the funny incidents, tragic moments and peculiar characteristics about them all, so that he doesn’t feel like an outsider, among them.

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6. Make him a part of any conversation that you’re having as a family.

He can feel a bit left out if all of you keep talking about something or someone that he doesn’t know about. So, make the effort to give him the context of whatever is being discussed. Keep looking his way and make eye contact with him, so that even if he doesn’t know much about the topic being discussed, he’d still feel like he’s on the same page as everyone else.

7. Get your siblings, especially your brothers to kinda befriend him.

Most men bond over cars, cricket and ale. Ask your brothers, then, to invite their brother-in-law for a game of cricket or over drinks and watch the boys come back as friends.

7 make your fiance feel welcome - chandler and joey friends

8. Go on a double date with your cousins.

We all have our favourites in the family. So, ask your fav couple to come on a double date with you and enjoy the evening with all your loved ones in one place. Your fiancé would also
feel relaxed and easy in the company of another couple.

9. Practise dance moves for your sangeet at your home.

Of course you’re planning to stun the audience with the show you’re planning to put up on your sangeet. Why not invite your fiancé to practise for your couple dance at home, then? He’d have fun between all the celebrations going on and feel quite comfortable with everyone shaking a leg along with him.

9 make your fiance feel welcome - shah rukh khan kabhi khushi kabhi ghum

10. Add him to your family Whatsapp group.

This may seem like a small thing to do, but trust us, it’ll prove to be a major ice-breaker. Your fiancé may be a bit shy on the group initially, but slowly he’ll become a part of your family’s daily conversations and this will make him feel more welcome and comfortable in your family than ever.

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Published on Jul 4, 2017
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