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10 Ways To Find Out How Much He *Really* Misses You

10 Ways To Find Out How Much He *Really* Misses You

Spending the weekend alone or doing the seemingly long and unending long distance? If you’re wondering whether your SO hates the distance between you both as much as you do, here are 10 ways to know that he misses you… Watch out, girls!

1. If he texts you even when he’s busy

He makes time for you and he ensures you both talk regularly, even if that means taking out time *especially* for you!

1-ways to know that he misses you

2. If he sends you tiny gifts

Ones that remind you of him and show you how much he misses you!

3. If the ‘good morning’ and ‘goodnight’ texts are flowing!

You know that his day starts with you and ends with you!

3-ways to know that he misses you

4. If he keeps you updated with where he is going

Even if it’s a meeting or just to catch a drink with his friends, he tells you before you even have to ask!

5. If you’re in his ‘wish you were here’ talks

Be it just about a movie or a trip he wants to take with his friends… He slides the ‘if only you were here’ line casually quite a bit.

5-ways to know that he misses you

6. When he makes elaborate future plans

He always makes plans with you, whether it’s a holiday you both want to take or a special date night he wants to take you out on!

7. When you ask him questions about your relationship…

And he remembers all of those tiny little details that even you don't. That's because he keeps going back in time to replay all of the wonderful memories he has of you!

7-ways to know that he misses you

8. He tags you in random memes on the internet

Because he is constantly thinking about you, your funny antics and wants you to laugh every time you open Facebook.

9. If he’s willing to ditch plans…

With his friends, once in a while, to spend quality time with you!

9-ways to know that he misses you

10. When he loves video calling you…

You know the boy misses you and wants to see your face every now and then! Best. Feeling. Ever!

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