7 FAB Ways To Include ‘The Ruffle Trend’ In Your Closet!

7 FAB Ways To Include ‘The Ruffle Trend’ In Your Closet!

How do you take a plain piece of shirt and elevate it to a statement piece? Just add ruffles to it! The trim first came about in the 15th century, where it began as an addition to the regular chemise women wore and has evolved ever since. From Princess Diana wearing a ruffled wedding dress in the 80s to ruffle being a statement in the grunge scene of the 90s, this trend has been making appearances throughout history. Today, the ruffle trend has reappeared as the new sexy, feminine trend! Here are a few tips to join the ruffle club.

1. A bae-sic top


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From off-shoulder to a well placed trim, a ruffle top elevates a streamlined outfit. A ruffle detail on your shirt can also act as an accessory on its own with details along the collar and shoulder. You can also wear a ruffle bodysuit that can be tucked into your skinny jeans and sport a complete look of dainty elegance.

2. Skirts so gorge!

A ruffle skirt will be a great addition in a closet, more so if you love wearing skirts! You can experiment with a ruffled hemline, a ruffled and tiered skirt or even have ruffles in your simple midi incorporated as a pleat or accent. Pair it with basic t-shirts to create a great look.

3. Dresses with a fairytale feel

A flowy dress with ruffle detail is great for your summer evening outings! This one worn by PC is super casual yet attractive to wear for that Sunday brunch or when you head out for a round of drinks with the girls.

4. Make it your arm candy

If you think wearing a ruffled separate is not your style, then add it as fun detail to your accessories! So this season, splurge on handbags, totes, messenger bags and more.

5. Put your ruffle foot forward!

To add ruffle details to your footwear, you can either go for all-over detailing or a small trim that stands out! From suede sandals to leather stilettos ruffles will go with all your favourite shoe tops. Go ahead and step in pop and style!

6. Ditch the basic swimsuit

Add a pretty twist to your regular swimming costumes by choosing a ruffle one instead. They look sexy, feminine and have that retro touch to it too! Wear one in an off-shoulder or one-shoulder style!

7. Some lingerie love


Today's details for #revolveinthehamptons. Wearing a @majorelle_collection top #ad

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If you thought you could only include ruffles in your separates, that’s not true! You can even wear a bralette or a bra that has the slightest whiff of ruffle detail on it. It could be on the straps or just on the back. Trust us, it will look sexy!

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