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Forget A Sangeet Dance! This Bridal Crew Did Something SO Cool

Forget A Sangeet Dance! This Bridal Crew Did Something SO Cool

Remember when we shared this awesome wedding dance off video? It was so out-of-the box, right? Also, the one where the couple danced on ad jingles! Well, this just goes on to prove that sangeet performances are not just limited to regular group dances anymore. And what you’re about to watch is sure to leave you awestruck. So this bride, her sister and besties decided to shake things up and we’re so not complaining! They prepared a capella and it truly is the most beautiful thing ever. Really, a sangeet performance like this will have your audience hooked.


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We love their vibrant lehengas too! So much wedding inspiration in this one Instagram post.

The pretty lady on the extreme right, Kamakshi Khanna, is the sister of the bride and also a professional singer and songwriter. She recently released her debut album, Cakewalk.

And it continues…


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We love the concept. Let us know your thoughts!

Published on Jul 13, 2017
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