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Two-Line Love Stories That’ll Make Your Heart Ache!

Chhavi Porwal

Senior Trending Writer

Can anyone define love? Maybe or may not. We are not even sure if love is meant to be defined… Perhaps, it’s an emotion that we feel. It is unconditional, they say and so we can’t analyze our love stories with a check mark of success or failure. When it’s there, it’s beautiful and when it isn’t, we keep looking for it. So here are 13 two-line love stories that are so heartbreaking!      

1. Only if she knew…

1 love stories

2. Lost her, lost love…  

2 love stories

3. Her smile must have been so beautiful!

3 love stories

4. Even though she knew…

4 love stories

5. That one wish…  

5 love stories

6. She fought her demons and she made it happen!

6 love stories

7. Her faith in love was yet not lost!

7 love stories

8. She needed...herself!

8 love stories

9. She played her part really a queen!

9 love stories

10. Till the end!

10 love stories

11. Her voice was enough for him…

11 love stories

12. She’s not the same, she’s better and happier!

12 love stories

13. Aww… After all, love doesn’t need words!

13 love stories

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Published on Jul 22, 2017
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