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10 Times Your Punjabi Bestie Makes You Go ‘Haye Rabba!!’

10 Times Your Punjabi Bestie Makes You Go ‘Haye Rabba!!’

Punjabis are the most lively and carefree people you’ll find. They make for awesome friends, especially when you’re feeling low. Having a Punjabi bestie is great - you get to eat amazing food and you learn so much from them. But there are some times when they make you go ‘OMG!’ for a whole range of reasons. Read it and burrahh!

1. Their threshold for spicy food!

Basically, our Punjabi friends can eat spicy food like a boss. You can literally never match their threshold when it comes to spicy food! Seriously.

2. Punjabi = has to be a hardcore non-vegetarian

Because Butter Chicken is bae and your friend won’t live without it! And also, you can’t really take her to a vegetarian restaurant. She will never forgive you for it!

punjabi bestie 2 - friends having fun

3. They drink like a fish

‘Kyuki Punjabio di battery charge rehndi hai’

4. When they get a tad loud when excited

You know what it is like to get jokingly bashed by a friend every time YOU crack a joke? You’ll know if you have a Punjabi bestie. Like OMG!

5. They will party even when everyone else stops

We spoke about the battery being charged no matter what, right? Basically, your Punjabi bestie will want to dance and chill even after everyone has left the dance floor. Trust us, it’s true!

6. The big fat Punjabi weddings though

If you have a Punjabi bestie and they have a wedding coming up in their family, you know you just have to take an entire week off and just enjoy every minute of it because Punjabi weddings are THE BEST!

punjabi bestie 6 - couple dancing

7. The butter in parathas!

Your bestie's mom showers her love for you with that extra tikki of butter on your paratha and you just can’t have enough of it!

8. They know every song by heart

While you may stumble upon a few lyrics but she has all the Honey Singh and Baadshah songs memorized at the back of her mind. Like how though?

punjabi bestie 8 - parineeti singing

9. They’re generous to almost everyone!

She will never say no to people who need help. In fact, Punjabis are often generous enough to help strangers like they’re best friends with them.

10. But when they get angry

*beep* *beep* *beep* Okay bro, it’s time to calm down!

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