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17 Hilarious Thoughts I Had The First Time I Tried Shower Sex!

17 Hilarious Thoughts I Had The First Time I Tried Shower Sex!

Shower sex sounds like a great deal of fun, right? You take a bath and have sex at the same time. So convenient, so sexy, so…impractical! Much like every other couple, me and my boyfriend decided it was time to tick shower sex off our sex bucket list so we got down to it one night and regretted it quite instantly. So before you decide to give it a shot, check out these 17 thoughts I had during my first shower sex experience.

P.S.: I have tried it again. It still doesn’t work those wonders.

1. ‘Okay, let’s get started. Nice and wet!’

 1 first shower sex

2. ‘Wait, there is a bit of soap in my eyes!’

3. ‘And, wow, now it’s in my mouth!’

4. ‘Okay, he was NOT this tall, like, five minutes ago.’

4 - first shower sex

5. ‘Hair, hair! I have wet hair in my mouth!!’

6. ‘Well, atleast now I know my upper body strength is pretty awesome!’

7. ‘Ooooh, his is even better!’

7 - first shower sex

8. ‘Were my tiles always this dirty?’

9.‘Okay, focus, focus feel sexy like a lioness!’

10. ‘Nope. No. Can’t do that, I look like a wet koala bear right now!’

10 - first shower sex

11. ‘We are going to slip and die!! I know it!’

12. ‘And, of course, we can’t even move to the bed now.’

13. ‘It’s funny how water is actually the worst lubricant ever. I have lost faith in this world.’

13- first shower sex

14. ‘Damn those movies. They should’ve shown us what it really feels like.’

15. ‘It is also a good idea to probably get a waterproof mascara.’

16. ‘Okay, this is going nowhere. Time to pack up.’

16- first shower sex

17. ‘Note to self: get yourself a bathtub.’

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