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19 Crazy Thoughts We ALL Have When Our Period Is Late!

19 Crazy Thoughts We ALL Have When Our Period Is Late!

Is there anything more stressful than waiting for your periods? Even when you are not sexually active, your period can be MIA for various other reasons and it will still leave you troubled. There are a million thoughts that come to your mind when your period is late and we decided to pen down of a few of them here because, well, someone had to!

1. ‘Why haven’t my periods started yet?’

1 period is late - anna hathaway shocked

2. ‘Shit, I’m pregnant!!’

3. ‘But how can I be?’

4. *starts counting days* ‘It has definitely been a while...’

5. ‘And we did use a condom last time.’

6. ‘Damn! What if the condom broke?’

6 period is late - girl awkward

7. ‘Nah, it can’t be… I’m over thinking!’

8. ‘Oh wait, what if it’s the stress?’

9. ‘Should I tell him?’

10. ‘Should I just google what’s wrong?’

11. ‘Oh God, this is just so annoying!’

11 period is late - beyonce

12. ‘Never having sex again!’

13. ‘Okay, that’s probably not true but I can try…’

14. ‘Dear God, please give me my period - I will do anything!’

15. ‘Men don’t have to go through the period or the stress. Lucky them!’

16. ‘Should I just take a test?’

16 period is late - girl stressed

17. ‘Oooh, I feel something… nah, it’s just a false alarm!’

18. ‘Don’t tell yourself these negative things, you are NOT pregnant’

19. ‘You know what, I am a strong independent woman and I will deal with it even if I am pregnant. My parents will just have to accept me as I am. Yes. Wait, I think I just got down, hooray!!!’

GIFs: Giphy

Published on Jul 7, 2017
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