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10 Things You Should Avoid Wearing While Travelling!

10 Things You Should Avoid Wearing While Travelling!

A lot of us want our ‘airport style’ to look perfect, but end being uncomfortable! While you’re inflight, especially when you’re in for a long flight, a road trip or even a train journey, here are a few things you must not wear while travelling!

1. Those calf-high gladiators

1.things not to wear while traveling- complicated shoes

It is ideal to wear slip-ons while travelling as they’re easy to take off. Wearing shoes which take time to put on can be a task during security and when you wish to put your feet up and have a comfortable journey. Avoid shoes with laces, buckles, multiple straps or any other complicated closure.

2. Your statement earrings

Wearing expensive jewellery can be dangerous, it can attract unwanted attention and increase the chances of jewellery theft. Also, added jewellery is going to make you feel uncomfortable and may even restrict movement.

3. A-line bottoms

3. things not to wear while traveling - skinny jeans

Comfort comes first while travelling, so naturally, skinny jeans are not always the best option! Other than the fact that they tend to get uncomfortable, tight skinny jeans cause also clot your blood during long flights. Opting for bottoms in fabrics such as cotton, linens and more… the ones that are breathable are a better idea.

4. Short shorts!

Airports, aircrafts, trains, and even AC buses are usually cold and dirty! We suggest you wear full-length lowers instead of exposing yourself to the cold. If you’re travelling from a hot country or city to a colder one and want to wear shorts, switch it for a pair of three-fourths instead.

5. That heavy jacket!

5.- things not to wear while traveling - thick jacket

Jackets are bulky and take up a lot of space, whether in your head or in the overhead compartment. Opt for light layers, shawls and throws that you can easily keep away when you’re not using. Most shawls can be folded and fit into your bag as opposed to a jacket or a bag.

6. Grab your glasses!

Flights, trains, and buses mostly have a dry environment that is unsuitable for wearing contact lenses. The dryness can cause irritation in the eye and make your eyes more stressed. A wise option would be to wear glasses while travelling.

7. That fitted tee!

7. thing not to wear while traveling - cinch belt

A cinch belt is a one you wear on your waist to accentuate it! Being tight fitted it makes your journey uncomfortable. A smart thing would be to avoid a cinch belt while travelling.

8. Perfume love

Everyone loves a good scent but while travelling, so it’s essential you’re sensitive to your fellow passengers. Avoid using strong smelling fragrances while travelling as others might have an allergic reaction to it. You can always carry a miniature perfume bottle and use it once you reach your destination!

9. Too much makeup

9. things not to wear while traveling- too much make up

Skincare must not be avoided while travelling. Caking up your face with makeup makes it harder for your skin to breathe, giving you an outbreak or two. Keep your makeup minimal and allow your skin to breathe! And oh, we can’t stress enough about keeping your skin moisturized throughout the journey of the flight. So keep a sheet mask or two handy.

10. Avoid synthetic fabrics

Keep away from fabrics that will make you feel sweaty. Such fabrics tend to soak in the sweat and stick to your body making your journey uncomfortable. We suggest you opt for cotton as it’s the best and most comfortable fabric.

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