10 Things A Bride Must Never Say To Her Makeup Artist!

10 Things A Bride Must Never Say To Her Makeup Artist!

It is true; finding a makeup artist for your wedding is probably much more difficult than finding a husband. And if you are one of those lucky few, who have finally settled in on a great wedding makeup artist and want them to unleash their finest makeup prowess on you, then here are 10 things that you should probably NEVER tell them.

1. ‘I don’t need a trial!’

Listen ladies, there is no such thing as ‘no makeup trials.’ You certainly don’t want to look back at your wedding pictures with a horrid ‘ghost face’ memory. Therefore, we advise you opt for a makeup trial which not only gives you room to discuss your looks with the artist but also helps you envision your final bridal look. And no, trials are not free!

2. ‘Can you make me look like a Bollywood actress?’

We understand that there is a certain actress that you fancy, but it is kind of impossible for your makeup artist to transform you into a celebrity overnight. But yes, he/she could definitely help you with certain makeup tips and tricks to unleash that coveted celebrity glam.

3. ‘If I opt for hair styling too, will it be cheaper?’

This is not a ‘buy one get one free’ deal! And so, you shouldn’t expect such an offer. Makeup artists are trained professionals who sometimes also have an in-house hair stylist representing them. You can definitely negotiate but asking if their price will be ‘cheaper’ is not a great idea.


4. ‘I have pretty bad skin but you HAVE to make it look flawless for the wedding day!’

Skincare is very important and one of the first steps to healthier looking skin. Apart from regular exercise and a balanced diet, it is important to keep yourself well hydrated. If you don’t, then there’s only so much that makeup can do.  

5. ‘Can you do it sooner, I am in a rush.’

In between all your wedding stress, your private makeup session with your MUA should be truly treasured. But if you’re going to spoil it by constantly rushing your makeup artist and being fidgety and impatient, then it is surely going to be downhill from there.

6. ‘The other MUA that my friend suggested was better and cheaper.’

Nobody likes to be compared and your makeup artist surely wouldn’t too! This line is a sure shot way of completely shooing the hell out of your wedding MUA and ensuring that they never see you again.


7. ‘This is my 5th Trial’

We understand that it is important to be honest but certainly not this honest! Trials are the only way you can engage with your makeup artist and envision your final bridal look. Disclosing the number of makeup trial sessions you’ve had is unnecessary.

8. ‘Can you design a makeup look based on my husband and my mother-in -law’s suggestions?’

Sure, everyone has suggestions and while your makeup artist may respect all of them, they might not really agree with them. There is a reason they are professionals and for best results, it’s advised that take their opinion into consideration.

9. ‘I don’t want to wear lipstick because I don’t like wearing one!’

There is a difference between everyday and wedding makeup. Wedding makeup demands a skilled professional who is trained to design a look according to your personality. And while your likes and dislikes should definitely matter, a bridal makeup look without a dash of lipstick will probably never ever exist! Of course, you can always opt for a subtle lip colour to bring the whole look together if you don’t want to go too OTT.


10. ‘My wedding is in 10 days, will you be available?’

Most wedding makeup artists are pre-booked at least 6 months in advance. It takes time to settle on a look and negotiate on a fixed price. Calling them days before their wedding is like ringing a death knell.

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