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19 Cute & Sexy Things You Can Call Him To Increase Intimacy!

19 Cute & Sexy Things You Can Call Him To Increase Intimacy!

Hello, ladies! The best way to increase intimacy with your bae is to call him some absolutely adorable and sexy names. You just need to focus on the execution part while we will provide you with this list of names that you can call your sweetheart. And yes, you can thank us later.

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1. Cutie

Cause he is just SO adorable.

1 increase intimacy - cute guy

2. Sugar

For the sweetheart that he is.

3. Hon(ey)

Cause he is sweet as honey and he is all yours.

4. Tiger

This suits him cause he is a wild tiger in bed!

4 increase intimacy - beyonce

5. Baby

Come to mama and love her like no one has ever before.

6. Koochi-Koo

For the days when you’re in that snuggly, cuddly, ‘I wanna spend the rest of my life in your arms’ mood.

7. Mr. *Insert Surname*

There is an inherent charm and sexiness with calling your man this way. You’d agree, wouldn’t you?

8. Hot stuff

When you just can’t wait for him to get started with some hanky-panky already. Calling him by this name is a sure way to get his hormones racing!

8 increase intimacy - fifty shades of gray

9. Boo

* Awwww *

10. Darling

This all-time classic always works.

11. Jaane-e-mann

What better name to call your sweetheart, than Jaan. * Ishhhhhhh*

12. Hello Sexy

Let your man know how attractive he is, and wait for him to explode in bed. * wink *

12 increase intimacy - girl seducing

13. Sir

Perfect name to call him if you’re planning to experiment in bed. Hint: BDSM and role play.

14. My Sun and Stars

We owe this one to you Khaleesi *Game of Thrones *

15. Cuddle Bunch

Cause you just can’t keep your hands off him.

15 increase intimacy - channing tatum

16. Hi Handsome

Get undressed already?

17. ’Ello Love

‘Cause it’s a love story, baby just say yes’ (plays in the background)

18. Snuggle Butt

Grabbing that cute rear of his is surely a good way to get started.

18 increase intimacy - guy doing aww

19. Muscle Man

If your man works out, let him know how his chiselled body makes you oh-so-hot for him!

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