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10 Things We’ve Been Told Are Bad For Us… But Aren’t!

10 Things We’ve Been Told Are Bad For Us… But Aren’t!

Indian kids are used to growing up with a long list of dos and don’ts! It’s as much a part of our DNA as it is a part of our culture. But you know what? We at POPxo have a rebellious side to us – we bet you already knew that. Hence we decided to swim against the tide (incidentally one of our favourite things to do) and draw up a list of things everyone told you were bad for you - but these are also the things that are NOT bad for you! Of course conditions apply to each and every point and anything in excess is harmful – but by and large, the following things are *NOT* bad for you!

1. Spending time on the internet

Errm…elders will never get it, will they? The world is online nowadays and digital is a legit career. So many influencers have emerged thanks to the Internet. So whether you are looking at it as a career option or as good old networking, ‘Internet’ is not a dirty word and you have so much you could gain from it too!

2. Daydreaming!

Growing up, we’ve always been taught to be realistic and not day dream so much. But it’s time to question that paradigm, no? Why not daydream?! The future belongs to those who want to make their daydreams come true, after all!

2 things that are not bad for you - rapunzel looking out the window

3. Talking to boys!

Can we all please take a moment to roll our eyes?! The reason we’ve chosen to include this point is that so many families in our country are still so orthodox! Talking to members of the opposite sex doesn’t make you fast/ easy/ loose or whatever other adjectives you’ve grown up listening to. It’s totally normal to have guys as friends no matter what age group you belong to. It’s about time the stigma is banished!

4. Exposure to sunlight

As girls, we are so used to fearing direct sunlight owing to worries about our skin and hair that we never spare a moment to think about the lack of Vitamin D which is a natural vitamin we can get through the sun. It is essential for our bones and we must make it a point to spend some time in the sun. Fear of dark skin be damned – it’s 2017 and we want to say bye to regressive theories! (Don't forget sunscreen though, because health still does come first!)

4 things that are not bad for you - alia bhatt expression

5. Arguing!

What a terribly Indian concept it is to not argue with people – especially if you are a young girl. Umm, arguing helps shape who you are and develops your reasoning power. It helps build confidence and promotes logical reasoning. We hope we are making a compelling argument for arguing.

6. Watching too many movies

Why throw shade at a beautiful hobby that promotes art? Watching movies is a great, positive way to spend your time and helps you learn so many things as you grow older. We live our lives vicariously through cinema and books and we can’t understand why this would ever be in the ‘bad things to do’ category.

6 things that are not bad for you - girl saying rxactly right

7. Eating chocolate

Enough and more theories on why it’s bad for you plus how it contributes to weight gain have been smashed in recent times with even more theories about how it’s actually good for you. We are no nutritionists here, but when someone finds evidence that chocolate is good – we obey and go celebrate with a big, fat bar ourselves!

8. Fighting with your friends

No one wants to be labeled a fighter cock (that’s a term, right?) and we as Indian girls are always taught to be nice and avoid confrontation even with our friends, but that’s a sucky idea. As you grow older, you should be able to weed out the toxic people from the non-toxic ones. This, sadly, only happens after a series of confrontations or “fights”.

8 things that are not bad for you - monica and rachel arguing

9. Talking loud and clear

Perhaps it is the lack of space in Indian homes or just the general perception that women should be soft spoken, but we’ve always been asked to maintain decorum and talk softly. But guess what? If you want to be an assertive woman who is respected at the workplace and outside, it’s definitely a bonus if you know how to communicate loud and clear!

10. Being money minded

Gone are the days (thankfully) when money was a man’s domain! It is better to know and understand money – how to make it and how to save it – from an early age. There is nothing wrong with being ‘money-minded’ and that’s not a negative term. If you are a girl who understands the markets, and investments then that is awe-worthy and you should be super proud of yourself! We sure are!

10 things that are not bad for you - jennifer lawrence saying pay me

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