15 WTF Things People Say To ‘Skinny’ Girls Everywhere!!

15 WTF Things People Say To ‘Skinny’ Girls Everywhere!!

Even if you are naturally skinny, chances are you’ve heard utterly absurd comments being made about your body. The obvious conclusion for most is that you have been skipping your meals or trying too hard to look a certain way. Here are some weird and inappropriate things people say to slim girls.

1. ‘Beta kuch khaate ho ya nehi?’

You guessed it right aunty! And yet here I am, alive and breathing… #CallItMagic

2. ‘Are you on a diet? Because you don't need it!’

And you don’t need to tell me what I can and cannot do!

3. ‘Thoda fat humse hi le lo!’

Aur aap thoda dimaag humse. Deal?

3 people say to petite girls - skinny

4. ‘Do you know that most boys don't find skinny girls attractive?’

Does it look like I care?

5. ‘When the wind blows, does it blow you away with it?’

Yes, of course. How else would I get from one place to another?

6. ‘You should just alternate between cheese burgers, fries and jalebis!’

According to that theory, you have just been surviving on salads.

6 people say to petite girls - you're kidding

7. ‘Why do you workout again? You’re SO skinny!’

Because I need the core strength to knock some sense into you.

8. ‘That’s all you eat? No wonder you’re that skinny!’

STOP commenting on what I eat. Leave me alone! Will you?

9. ‘Literally everyone wishes they were as skinny as you.’

And I just wish you had some brains as me.

9 people say to petite girls - girl chewing

10. ‘OMG you must be a size zero.’

And you care about that because??

11. ‘Oh, wait, do you buy your clothes from the kids’ section?’

Oh, wait, NO!

12. ‘Gaining a few kilos would really suit you… Just saying!’

I would really appreciate it if you kept your advice to yourself. Just saying!

12 people say to petite girls - superwoman lily singh

13. ‘But if you eat so much, where does all the food even go?’

Let’s look for it together, shall we?

14. ‘I wish I could swap my body with yours.’

Wait, what? Did you just say that? Sorry to break it to you but this isn’t Freaky Friday or Change Up. Welcome to real life!

15. ‘Everything looks good on you.’

Firstly, stop categorising me, and secondly, not really. We skinny girls too struggle with clothes that we absolutely fail to pull off.

15 people say to petite girls - woman gasping

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