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11 Things EVERY Parlour Wali Didi Says While Waxing - But Why?!

11 Things EVERY Parlour Wali Didi Says While Waxing - But Why?!

We all dread the monthly parlour visits for our waxing sessions. On top of that, the parlour wali didi just makes it worse! They say the most ridiculous things that annoy us so much and you never know what to say! Here are 11 things that every parlour wali didi says during a waxing session.

1. ‘Your hair is growing in every direction. Did you shave again?’

Guilty as charged. Sometimes there are impromptu plans and I cannot help it!

2. ‘You have very rough hair. It’s such a pain pulling it out.’

Now I’m feeling bad for having hair like this!

3. ‘Itni saari ingrowth! Aap scrub nahi karte?’

Ain’t nobody got time for that, woman!

3 parlour wali didi rolling eyes

4. ‘Your growth is not enough for normal wax. Should I use chocolate wax? It’ll hurt less!’

It never hurts less, NEVER!

5. ‘Why don’t you get a bikini wax done? You’ll feel cleaner down there!’

Take off my pants in front of a stranger? No thank you! I’ll just shave!

6. ‘Your growth is nothing! Some people are much worse. So filthy, I tell you!’

Does she talk like this about me to others as well?

6 parlour wali didi annoyed

7. ‘Don’t get your face waxed. You know XYZ got it done and now her skin is all stretched out. I’ll just thread it.’

I’d rather give in than argue with you!

8. ‘Get a pedicure done today itself. I’ll tell him to scrub well and get all the ingrown hair out!’

Just uncalled for words of wisdom all the time!

9. ‘Now that you’re lying here on this bed, why don’t you get a facial as well?’

And have you complain about everything that is wrong with my face? No, thank you!

9 parlour wali didi facepalm

10. ‘Okay if you don’t want a facial, let me just get those blackheads out!’

Wait, I have blackheads?!

11. ‘You always say next time but you never come.’ *silently judging*

I’m not sorry for my life choices, not at ALL!

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