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17 Oh-So-Relatable Things That Every *Mallu* Will Get!

17 Oh-So-Relatable Things That Every *Mallu* Will Get!

Lush greenery, picturesque backwaters and literacy rate that is worth a million smug faces - Malayalis aka Mallus don’t boast about God’s own country for nothing.  If you have a Mallu friend then you will know how amazing they are and if YOU are a Mallu, then you’ll know what the following unique (and amazing) things feel like! Here are some things only Mallus will relate to!

1. Our all-time favourite snack - banana chips!

We always have a stock of these awesome chips at home no matter what time of the year it is. In fact, a trip to Kerala is incomplete if you come back without these.

things only mallus will relate to 1 alia bhatt

2. We are very proud of the movie industry down South

Not just because they have super-talented actors but also because Bollywood remakes those masterpieces, every damn time! *smug*

3. We hate it when someone calls us Madrasis

For the love of God, people from Madras (Chennai) = Madrasis and people from Kerala = Malayalis. GET IT?

4. Bling! Bling! Bling!

Our love for gold is a little more than usual! Every Malayali owns quite a lot of gold and it’s just something we love to do.

5. We love and adore Mohanlal and nothing will ever change it!


things only mallus will relate to 5 mohanlal

6. Coconut is our go-to solution for almost everything!

From messy scalps, to making food our yummier… Coconut can solve all our problems. No, seriously!

7. And when people ask us why we have such amazing hair?

Did we not say that coconut oil is just about the best thing ever!!

8. We all have at least one cousin settled in the ‘G-elf’

By that we mean Dubai. This is what we like to call the Middle East.

9. We know a lot of Ammus and Appus

Well, a lot of people in our Nattil (Kerala) love to call their kids with this name.

things only mallus will relate to 9 deepika padukone

10. Our mallu connection is way beyond borders

We will have an instant connection with someone from Kerala no matter where we are.

11. Best breakfast? Move over pancakes because we have puttu and kadla

You have to eat this to know what we exactly mean when we say we love it!

12. We hate it when people think that we only eat idli, sambar and vada all day

We mean, there are over 25 different kinds of dishes during Onam sadya (feast)!

13. Pappadom is our only love

Yes! With a mountain of rice and some pickle to go with it, please?

things only mallus will relate to 13 alia bhatt

14. Tongue twister surnames? We got ‘em!

Ratheesh Karipoor Thekkumpatte is a real person!

15. Poppy kuda = life saver during monsoons!

Every mallu kid has owned a Poppy umbrella at least once in her lifetime!

16. We love Trissur poorams

Ah! You have to be there to witness this beautiful festival.

17. Boys in lungi look damn fine.

Kerala traditional outfits are just the best.

things only mallus will relate to 17 deepika lungi dance

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