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Dear Bestie, 13 Things I Want To Tell You Before Your Wedding!

Dear Bestie, 13 Things I Want To Tell You Before Your Wedding!

It’s your bestie’s wedding and your heart is a bag of mixed emotions. From happiness to excitement and a bit of sadness, there is just so much going on. Even if she isn’t going too far, you will require a box of tissue as you see her walking down the aisle. And we bet you have a million things that you’d like to tell her before her wedding. For now, start with these…

1. It’s finally here… Yay!

I told you, he’ll find you soon. The day you’ve been dreaming for - it’s here. Touch wood!

2. Oh God, my makeup is so going to get ruined.

At the vidaai! I just want to run away and not face your vidaai. But then, I also want to be there for the most emotional time of your life. Aaarghhh... Can’t decide.

3. Forget the frogs you’ve kissed.

Didn’t I say your prince charming is on his way? Those tears were so not worth it!

3 before her wedding - princess and the frog

4. He is the lucky one.

To have such a beautiful person as his wife. Never forget that.

5. I’ll still be your rock!

Although you have your dream man by your side now, I am only a phone call away.

6. I want you to be happy.

Because I know you will keep him happy. Forever and ever!

6 before her wedding - emma stone ryan gosling

7. Send him for a crash course.

If he hasn’t learnt much about you so far, I’ll brief him on your eccentric tastes and fancy obsessions. Pukka!

8. May he support your dreams.

Even if they sound unachievable or a little too bizarre. Don’t worry, I’ll drill some sense into him!

9. You’ll be the center of his universe.

I know that because that’s just how awesome you are! I’m sure he’ll always be drawn towards you. And only you!

9 before her wedding - guy hugging and kissing girl

10. Your best friend spot isn’t vacant.

So ask him to quit contesting! Ain’t nobody taking my place!

11. I hope he acquires your…

...brilliant sense of humour, your kindness and your killer go-getter attitude. It’s contagious.

12. Don’t make him struggle...

…with your jokes! He’ll just not get them!

12 before her wedding - nina dobrev smiling

13. I’ll always be there. 

I may still show up at your doorstep uninvited and call you at odd hours to discuss my stupid problems.

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