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10 Slightly Weird Things Men Don’t Know About A Woman’s Body!

10 Slightly Weird Things Men Don’t Know About A Woman’s Body!

I feel like inserting a dramatic sigh and rolling my eyes – I mean, do men know anything at all? But I think I’ll refrain because the fact is even we may not know some of these weird things! So why be cocky when there is something to take away instead. Read and learn, boys and girls – here’s all the weird things you probably don’t know about a girl’s body!

1. Women blink twice as often as much as men do

Note to self: Invest in awesome mascara. After all, I’m going to get plenty of chances to show it off.

1 about a girls body - nicki minaj blinking

2. The sisters aren’t twins

We are talking about our breasts. They always differ ever so slightly in size, probably even an unnoticeable difference, but still true!

3. The clit can’t be ignored

Statistics show that a large percentage of women only experience orgasms via clitoral stimulation. Are ya listening, boys?

3 about a girls body - girl sitting on bed

4. Elephantine memory!

Err, we remember everything! It is a scientifically proven fact that women’s memory and recall ability is higher than that of men. So don’t even try and tell us you didn’t do that thing you did back in 2006. We remember, okay?!

5. Women have a better developed sense of smell

This is also linked to why we get so easily attracted to men who smell great. Apparently our hormones start performing the zumba when men smell amazing. That’s a great tip for you, gentlemen. You can thank me later!

5 about a girls body - zoey deschanel talking

6. Multitasking queens!

No, you are not imagining it. We are wayyyy better at multitasking. Apparently, some part of the female brain is thicker or larger or something like that and this contributes to us being able to multitask. I personally think that the online shopping industry is really benefitting from this special trait. Sigh! *Shuts multiple tabs*

7. Women have better immunity than men.

Perhaps genetically we are stronger as our bodies were made to bear children. But yes, science can vouch for the fact that we are STRONG AF.

7 about a girls body - girl saying yas queen

8. Hymen Education 101

If you ask me, it’s honestly too much of an issue for one simple tissue. A woman’s hymen is sensitive and can even tear while doing strenuous sports like riding on horseback. Yes, having sex isn’t the only way the hymen tears. So we can very much be virgins without having hymens, just so you know.

9. A woman’s tongue has more taste receptors

YAY! While we attempt to get our minds out of the gutter (or not), we also finally found reason for Miley to put her tongue to better use!

9 about a girls body - miley cyrus

10. Orgasmic Information!

We are so happy and feeling kind of #blessed to announce that orgasms seem to be in our favour! Not only can we experience the joy of multiple orgasms (hallelujah!) but also apparently our rate of reaching an orgasm only increases as we grow older.

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