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The First Time He Saw Me… I Was Pole Dancing!

The First Time He Saw Me… I Was Pole Dancing!

You always imagine meeting someone new in your life at an amazing place, right? Mostly for the memories and background story but you do. A quaint little cafe, a nice bookshop or some holiday destination?

In my opinion, the least romantic place to meet someone is definitely the club. For obvious reasons, you are more in the mood for naughty stuff than romance and’re probably drunk. That’s exactly what my frame of mind was in Goa when I first met him. Me and my girlfriends were holidaying and were at this reputed club which has cages and poles for women to dance in and on.

A few drinks down, I found myself inside a cage, pole dancing and that is when he saw me for the first time. To be honest, I wasn’t sloshed, maybe just a little tipsy and had gone up there just for the fun of it. You go to Goa, you do crazy things, right? And to be even more honest, I hardly noticed him in the busy club.

I was just busy dancing with my girls, living the single life. The guys weren’t allowed up in the cage so it was all of us women, with our hair down, swinging side by side and mostly just having a good time.

Eventually, though, it got too hot for me and I decided it was time to take a little break before another round. It was when I got down from the cage and went out for some fresh air that he came and talked to me. My friends were still dancing so it was just me standing outside, overlooking the little water body they had.

Internal pole dancing - couple at a party

‘You were great up there!’ he said. I laughed, ‘Well, I have my skills, I guess.’ And we started talking. He asked me where I was from and even though I was a little sceptic about telling him the details, I mostly stuck to the truth. I told him I was studying in Mumbai but was actually from Delhi. He, too, was from Delhi and was visiting Goa with his friends.

Half an hour later, we were sharing a drink. Another half an hour later, we were dancing together. By the end of the night, we had exchanged numbers and promised to stay in touch with each other. Maybe even go out the next time I would be in Delhi.

We continued to talk and even went out on a couple of dates when I came to Delhi during my summer vacations. The long distance didn’t quite work out for us but I remember thinking that this was probably the weirdest way I have ever met a guy. The universe has its ways, I guess!

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