15 *Genius* Tips To Plan The Honeymoon Of Your Dreams!

15 *Genius* Tips To Plan The Honeymoon Of Your Dreams!

Just like any other vacation, a little planning will take you a long way for your honeymoon too. After all, the honeymoon is one vacay that’s got to be perfect! While love and romance should be a priority, these simple tips will make your first trip as Mr. and Mrs. even better. Here’s presenting to you, the ultimate honeymoon planning guide!

1. Leave it to the experts

Don’t stress too much, and let a travel agent do the hard work. It honestly takes away so much of the stress of bookings and scheduling, and you’d probably end up saving more.

2. Plan the minor details though

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Like which restaurants you want to dine at or the places you’d like to visit or can give a miss – you know each other better than the travel agent does.

3. Match your style

Don’t follow the herd and go to an exotic place just because! Pick a destination that’s your sort of thing. Beach people or mountain-loving peeps, or history and architecture buffs - see what suits your liking and go there.

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4. Map out in advance

If you prefer DIY, invest a good amount of time in research and planning. Plan your travel routes beforehand and save them offline.

5. Involve a road trip

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A cross-country one would be awesome but if you can’t – at least do it from one city to another. Think car rentals, motel stays, empty roads and wind in your face – so Hollywood, and so awesome!

6. Cruise away

If you both are well travelled, then a smarter thing to do would be to go on a cruise. Locked by the sea, you’ll have more time to discover each other.

7. Package deals all the way

Make sure you opt for an all-inclusive deal as it is so much better than to worry about a surprise credit card bill later.

8. Don’t leave right after the wedding

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While it sounds awesome to fly out straight after the wedding, it’s best if you give yourself a bit of a breather after the big fat Indian wedding. You are exhausted and drained of energy anyway – so why waste precious time curing a headache or nursing swollen feet?

9. What’s in a name?

Everything. Book your airline ticket in your maiden name, especially if you haven’t changed it on the passport yet. You don’t want to return home from the immigration counter due to this simple goof up.

10. Don’t rush

Build in plenty of downtime in your itinerary. Remember this isn’t your regular travel – it’s your honeymoon and so you’d rather pick spa time with the hubby over a walking tour of museums. Honeymoons should be relaxing, not stressful – for both!

11. Don't over plan

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Don’t try to pack in too many activities. One touristy activity per day is enough and will give you plenty of time to just be with each other – either at a bar or at a spa. Cherish the moments and don’t make your honeymoon a tick list – there is a whole lifetime for that.

12. Be prepared for emergencies

Just like any other travel, make sure you carry your regular medical kit that contains pills you are familiar with and find safe to consume.

13. Be open to an Airbnb or homestays

Don't stress about staying in the nicest hotel in the area. Living like a local isn’t a bad idea after all. In fact, it will make the experience all the more memorable!

14. Announce everywhere that you’re on your honeymoon

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Don’t hesitate to tell your hotel staff or others that you are on your honeymoon – a surprise upgrade and a few freebies never hurt anyone. *Wink*

15. Bring home something meaningful

A souvenir that would last a lifetime – a reminder of your beautiful beginning.