Love games for your bedroom: 3 ways to get KINKY!

Love games for your bedroom: 3 ways to get KINKY!


Love Game 1. Inky Pinky Ponky

Perhaps the one of the best love games and it was our tradition. Every time we’d meet (which was only twice a year,) we would play a little game. ‘Inky Pinky Ponky’ with a box of folded pieces of paper. What did they have? Our sexual fantasies. We eliminated all the pieces using the rhyme until there was just one left. Tonight, we’d done the same.


‘You don’t have to go Solo anymore, Han.’ I said entering the room that night. I had never seen him smile so wide. ‘I love you,’ he whispered.


‘I know.’ I replied.


‘Princess Leia in her golden bikini’ was scribbled on the chit.

1 sexy bedroom games

Love Game 2. Dare or Truth?

‘We have become very boring,’ I lamented one Friday night, after dinner. He jumped up from the couch and suggested a game of ‘Dare or Truth’. Only catch being, if we refused to do something, we’d have to strip off a piece of clothing and take a shot of vodka. We prank called our neighbours and rang their bells, probed each other on our exes. We downed shots of vodka, when we didn’t want to do something and soon enough, we were wearing nothing other than our underwear.


‘Kiss me like it’s the first and last time you’d get to do it. Kiss me like your life depends on it.’


He took me in his arms and kissed me with an urgency that I’d never seen in him before. In seconds, we were removed from the realms of everyday existence to two people who never took each other for granted again.

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Love Game 3. Tell Me Your Dreams

One of the sexiest love games - He and I would play Twenty Questions so often that it had almost become a routine. It was a game that had brought us closer and helped us bond. During one makeout session, I asked him if he wanted to play Twenty Questions: The Sex Edition (yes, I made it sound official like that). ‘So what are the rules?’ he asked.

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‘We both get to ask 20 questions about anything. From our sexual history to sexual fantasies - it could be anything. The other person has to be absolutely honest, obviously!’


“So tell me your dreams!’ he asked.


‘My dreams?’


‘Yes, your hottest sex dream about me!’ he replied.


I laughed and between passionate kisses and hot caresses, we discussed all our sexual fantasies, without judgement and without fear.


To describe what happened after the game as ‘hot’ would be an understatement! We hope you try these love games immediately!

3 sexy bedroom games

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