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11 Easy Styling Tips Every Petite Girl Should Know!

11 Easy Styling Tips Every Petite Girl Should Know!

Styling inspiration for the petite is a task to find on the runway and even in your favourite magazine. Curating the perfect outfit for your petite body can be quite a hassle and we understand. The struggle to find something that fits well and won’t overwhelm your frame is real! But fret not, here are 10 easy and useful styling tips for the petite girl!

1.  Hemlines can be your hero

 1 styling tips for the petite girl

While buying dresses and skirts, ensure your hemline is about two inches above the knees or all the way to the floor. This a perfect way to add an illusion of height. Avoid calf-length hemlines. For dresses that end about an inch below your knee, use a cinch belt on your waist to make them slightly shorter.

2. Colour of the heels

There are no second thoughts when it comes to wearing heels! But ensure you opt for a maximum of three inches because it’s easier to walk and go about your daily chores in them. Nudes are a versatile option for you and if you get too bored of your nude heels, you can always match your heels with the colour of your bottoms. For example, black heels with black pants. This elongates your legs and adds a few inches to your height.  

3. Vertical stripes for the win

 3- styling tips for the petite girl

Using stripes for the petite can be tricky, but you can never go wrong with vertical stripes. Vertical stripes draw eyes from the top to bottom elongating your body frame. A vertical stripe co-ord set will definitely suit every petite girl really well!

4. Get your fit right

Wearing well-fitted garments is the first corrective strategy you should take note of and start! A well fitted garment helps accentuate your figure without making your outfit look loose and unstructured. Purchasing clothes in the correct size can often be a task. Something which is a midi dress can be used by you as a maxi. Similarly, culottes can be used as palazzos and capris as full length pants.

5. A tailor on speed dial

 5- styling tips for the petite girl

Start with buying outfits you really like and get them altered by a tailor who understands your body. When you find the perfect crisp white shirt, the right pair of jeans but they’re too loose… just take them to a tailor and get it fit. Don’t ditch it just because they’re a tad bigger than you want them to be. Having a tailor on speed dial is essential for this same reason!

6. Be careful of proportion

You can wear almost anything, as long as the proportion is in accordance to your petite frame. Primarily, choosing prints which are smaller in size work better for your body type. Gigantic prints can overwhelm your petite body frame, so try to stave off these.

7. Elevated waists

 7 - styling tips for the petite girl

Follow the two-third to one-third rule to the T. Wear high waisted pants and skirts to give your body the illusion of longer legs. This works best when you pair it with heels. Tucking in your T-shirt and adding a belt in the same colour as your pants is also a great trick that works almost everytime.

8. Floor length outfits

Don’t hesitate to wear maxis, flared bottoms and skirts which are floor length. If you chose to wear heels… ensure they are covered by the maxi, skirt or flared bottom jeans. Such garments create a facade of making you look taller.

9. Monochrome done right!

 9- styling tips for the petite girl

Stick to a single colour or monochrome colour scheme to create a vertical line that adds length to your overall look. You can even select a sweetheart neckline to divert attention towards your upper body. Keep the silhouette well-tailored to see this style tip work wonders.

10. Pay attention to necklines

V-necks and scoop necklines divert the attention to the upper part of your body, making your neck look longer, in turn flattering your petite frame. They don’t necessarily have to be deep or revealing, these necklines in general look better on your body type!

11. Lighter fabrics

11- styling tips for the petite girl

Heavy, bulky and busy fabrics are not recommended for the petite frame. Being petite, you should go for light fabrics and prints which are smaller than the size of your fist to avoid looking too overwhelming and OTT!