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5 Instagram Style Tricks ALL Celeb Kids Follow (You Should Too!)

5 Instagram Style Tricks ALL Celeb Kids Follow (You Should Too!)

Instagram isn’t just about scrolling through a feed of nicely framed pictures. With B-Town celebrity kids taking over Instagram, there’s so much more to follow up with! If you love all things Bollywood and like to keep yourself updated with the latest trends, here are a few style tricks to learn from celebrity kids on Instagram! Read on…

1. It’s all in the details

Anurag Kashyap’s daughter, Aaliyah keeps us posted with her OOTDs on Instagram. But that’s not all... She makes sure to take pictures of the tiny details of her outfit as well! Because after all, the magic is really in those details. The next time you step out wearing your favourite dress, don’t forget to wear accessories that amp up your look in a similar fashion.

2. Silhouettes are your friend

The first step to being well-dressed is knowing your assets and problem areas. When you get that right, make sure you wear outfits that fit just right and accentuate your figure. Just how Aalia makes sure to flaunt her long legs and narrow waist in whatever she wears!

3. When in doubt, add a layer!

No matter what the occasion is, a layer is all you need to take a basic outfit up a notch. Alaviaa Jaafferi knows the trick well and always makes sure to add a layer to her outfit. Next time you’re wearing something simple, keep this little tip in mind!

4. Balance your look. Always!

Balancing your look is key. Take style notes from Jhanvi Kapoor and see how she always strikes the perfect balance in her outfit. She’s nailed a tricky trend like sheer with such ease! Looking sexy isn’t always synonymous with showing too much skin. And that’s exactly what Jhanvi’s style is all about!

5. Less is more


Tequila Sunset !!! 💖

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Sometimes, we just need to keep it simple. Ananya Pandey shows us how a simple sense of style doesn’t have to look boring. Just make sure you have one element in your look that steals the show. Here, Ananya’s shoes are making a style statement!   

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