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10 Struggles of Living With Your Hubby That EVERY Girl Will Get!

10 Struggles of Living With Your Hubby That EVERY Girl Will Get!

If you think living with ‘the man you love’ is cool, wait till you actually start living together and realise – OMG, the party's over!!! Listed below is what every newlywed will relate to… So go ahead and have a laugh. This is what living with a guy after marriage feels like!

1. Sharing a bathroom…

… And the shelf space with all his toiletries trying to slowly but steadily invade your beauty babies. Annoying. Very annoying!

2. Wardrobe sharing

Trust us, it’s the worst of all. Before you know it, you realise your storage space is severely compromised. Where is the encroachment officer? Call now!

3. Disappearing act

Then you begin to realise that all your awesome smelling shampoos, lotions and potions mysteriously deplete. Hmmm, wonder who uses them?!

3 living with a guy after marriage - nina dobrev annoyed

4. And then you understand…

… That men too have a lot of clothes. But then why on earth does it look like they wear the same shirt every single day?

5. There will be game nights

And God save you! His guy friends will be invited and there will be a lot of cussing. That isn’t a cool thing if you’re not into sports or cussing or both.

6. Let it pass

You’ll have to adjust to the passing of air with all its sounds and smells. Farts are real. Ewwww. Gross. Yes!

9 living with a guy after marriage - annoyed woman

7. Petty domestic squabbles

You’ll learn just how terrible men are in this area.

8. Seeing him in boxers

To see him lounging around in his boxers all throughout the weekend can sometimes be annoying!

9. Those annoying bad habits

They’ll drive you crazy! From leaving the towel on the bed to pushing those smelly socks behind the cupboard. Aaargh…get the point???

9 living with a guy after marriage - annoyed woman

10. And you’ll learn something new

Like how he stole erasers in school or how the smell of dhaniya powder can make him puke or that he had a crush on his neighbor all through high school. So unexpected, right?!

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