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10 Real Struggles Every Girl Has During Monsoon!

10 Real Struggles Every Girl Has During Monsoon!

The refreshing showers after months of excruciating heat feel great. While we love the monsoon season, it sometimes makes us want to pull our hair out. It’s amazing when you’re at home, snuggled in bed and admiring the view from your window. But, when we step out, there are just SO many struggles! Here are 10 teeny-tiny struggles that every girl faces during the monsoons.

1. Showers that drop in like your ex

I mean, there has got to be a warning right? Unpredictable showers are the absolute worst. You look outside and find a bright sunny day. But when you get ready to step out, there is a crazy bout of heavy rain that refuses to stop. Why though?

1 struggles every girl has during monsoons girls rain

2. Do they make waterproof cell phones?

Ever had to cover your precious cell phone in a plastic cover while travelling in the rain? Then you can totally relate to this.

3. You suddenly relate to Monica in Barbados!

So, your hair becomes twice as big as it originally is? Can you do anything about it? Not really because no matter how amazingly you style them, they will still be a mess the moment you step out. *sigh*

3 struggles every girl has during monsoons monica friends

4. White? What white?

While you already have to pick between pants and skirts, you know that white is one colour that you will never pick because there is no way it will stay white. You will leave with white pants but come back home with brown coloured ones. Some of us even tend to not wear pastel coloured bottoms because of how dirty they can get!

5. Waxing day? Worst day ever!

It’s a massive pain to get body hair waxed during the monsoons because the humidity in the air makes it very difficult to remove the hair. While a lot of our other woes don’t have a long-term solution, we have a tiny hack for this one. The Gillette Venus Breeze will help you get rid of the tiniest hair with just one painless stroke. The in-build moisture gel bars present in the razor helps retain your skin moisture, while offering glowing and smooth skin.

5 struggles every girl has during monsoons waxing

6. Clothes take forever to dry out

You know you could easily wear the same pants the next day during summers but never during monsoons. Again because of the air’s inherent moisture content, clothes take forever to dry. So basically your living room looks like a laundry room now.

7. Unbearable traffic!

As if the traffic in India is not horrible already, the rains add on to the congestion and jams, making our lives miserable. Why God why?

7 struggles every girl has during monsoons traffic

8. Picking shoes can be a task too

You want to avoid the muck and the puddles at all costs and also keep your feet clean. So you step out in your oldest pair of sneaks hoping that the rain gods will be kind to you!

9. What good is makeup?

Yeah because if you wear makeup, it won’t stick to your face because of all the humidity and even if it does, you will eventually wipe it off while wiping that sweat.

9 struggles every girl has during monsoons makeup

10. Sweat patches

The humidity makes you feel sweaty and uncomfortable through the day and makes you highly consciously of any possible body odour. Like we said before, observing the rain from indoors can be very beautiful, but stepping out during this time is quite the struggle!

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