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10 Things People ONLY Do When They’re Cheating In A Relationship

10 Things People ONLY Do When They’re Cheating In A Relationship

Is it only human to stray and falter? Can humans never truly be monogamous? With the onslaught of social media, mobile dating apps and the internet - people have more options than ever to seek out new people even if they are in a committed relationship. If you’ve been feeling like your partner is cheating on you, here are 10 things people do when they are cheating on their partners - so you know for sure!

1. Make excuses

If someone is cheating on their partner, they tend to make excuses about their whereabouts. Morning, noon or night they are always busy in a meeting, or a work trip or a dinner at their boss’ place. The reality is, unfortunately, far more twisted than you think.

2. They are always on the edge

The fear of not hiding one’s tracks is always on the mind of a person cheating on their partner. Hence they are always kind of overcompensating when asked questions or taking extra precautions so that their secret remains one.

3. They are distracted from time to time

Cheating on your partner can weigh down on someone’s consciousness. Hence they periodically zone out, possibly trying to anticipate the eventual consequences of their behaviour, or worse still, coming up with more excuses to meet the other person.

3 cheating on you - jensen ackles

4. Always being on the phone

A person cheating is likely to put password on their phone and even more passwords on their messaging apps. And even after that, they’ll never let their phones be out of sight lest they are exposed.

5. Act unfazed  

There is an enormous pressure to pretend as if everything is going the way it should. So they try really hard to be nonchalant and behave like everything is hunky-dory in their lives. However, that extra effort shows and is often fake.

6. Keep their dating app profile active

It can’t get more obvious than this one. If your partner is still on a dating app, it definitely means that they want to keep their options open.

6 cheating on you - bridesmaids

7. Constantly express a need to be left alone

Of course, everyone needs their ‘me’ time, but if your partner is continually harping for privacy to the point of being defensive - there could be another, more potent reason for this behaviour.

8. Subtly expressing the inability to commit

They are unsure if they can make it to the weekend date you had planned in advance, and stress that they can’t imagine spending their life with only one person. Sometimes, it is okay to have a doubt or not be ready to commit but if your partner is always saying these things, they might just have other plans in mind.

9. Sex is not as important any more

When a person is intimately involved with someone other than their partner, sex becomes less important to sustain the latter relationship. It is almost as if they are just not interested anymore.

9 cheating on you - he is just not that into you

10. Even sensibilities change

Is your partner dressing differently almost overnight? Their taste in movies, music, books have changed so quickly that it is almost like they are a different person or are influenced by another person who is not you.

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Published on Jul 28, 2017
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