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15 Signs You And Your Boyfriend Are Too Cute To Handle!

15 Signs You And Your Boyfriend Are Too Cute To Handle!

Having an awesome boyfriend and being called the most cutesy couple in your friends group feels amazing, right? What we mean by this is basically being the couple that can’t get enough of each other, and one makes all their friends go awww. Wondering whether or not you and your one true love make the cut for being aww-worthy? Here are 16 sure-fire signs that you both are a cute couple indeed.

1. You complete each other’s sentences.

That is how bloody well you both know one another.

1 cute couple - complete each others sentences

2. Most of your responses are in plural, ‘we love this’, ‘we travelled to XYZ place’.

Because happiness lies in being together and doing things together.

3. You both steal glances every now and then when you’re out with a group of friends.

*Every move you make, every breath you take, I’ll be watching you.* (plays in the background)

4. And of course, both of you call each other by nicknames, even in front of others.

Honey, baby, sugar, candy, jaan. Do these terms sound familiar?

4 cute couple - emma stone blushing

5. Only you both find each other’s sense of humour incredibly awesome.

You just get each other, basically.

6. Cuddling, snuggling up with each other and watching a movie in bed is your idea of the ‘perfect date’.

Because staying in and close to each other is what gives you all the happiness in the world.

7. You two tend to zone out when speaking to each other and it is as if you are the only two people on this planet.

And you probably don’t even realise it.

7 cute couple - bruno mars

8. Both your hands somehow always tend to find their way to each other.

Because you know that your fingers have gaps so that they can perfectly fit into each other’s hands.

9. You are that couple that makes all the friends around you go ‘awwwww’.

And trust us, they admire you and are definitely a tad bit envious of how cute you two are together.

10. Hello PDA, cause you two just can’t keep your hands off of each other

P.S. you guys do tend to make people around you a little uncomfortable at times. *Wink * But as they say, true love must be expressed freely and openly.

10 cute couple - kissing

11. Sometimes, you two are even colour coordinated when you go out.


12. You put up mushy, cutesy statuses and photographs with each other on social media and are pretty vocal about your dating anniversaries.

Taking PDA to a whole new level!

13. You both have a song that is ‘your song’. And every time it plays, you both get very excited…

… While everyone watches on.

14 cute couple - missing him

14. And when you’re not with him, you’re constantly in touch through texts and snaps.

Because you miss each other when you’re not together.

15. Sometimes you feed each other food.

In public. Yes. #TrueStory

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