13 Signs You And *Bae* Are Super Comfortable Together!

13 Signs You And *Bae* Are Super Comfortable Together!

Congratulations. If you are reading this, chances are that you two have already become super comfortable in each other’s company and that, girls, is really a great sign of a healthy relationship. Here are 13 signs you and your boyfriend are super comfortable with each other!

1. Not made-up

You are okay to meet him sans the makeup. Gym shorts and messy hair is fine too.

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2. Eye to eye

As a couple, you have come to a point where you can just look into each other’s eyes and figure out what the other person is thinking. You even have your special code words and lingo.

3. Changing zone

You don’t mind changing clothes in front of each other. And by this, we mean a step beyond the usual seduction. *winks*

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4. You can make noises

Sounds super gross, but this is the ultimate truth – you can burp and fart in front of one another without feeling any sense of shame. Oh, and you pick your nose too.

5. Weighty talks

Even if you have put on a bit of weight while in a relationship, you will be at ease with it and try to watch the extra pounds.

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6. The door is open

Not just to your heart and your home but now, you also don’t lock the bathroom when he is around – so what if you’re just taking a leak or a dump. Ewwww!

7. Inside story

Gone are the days of lacy lingerie, he has seen you in your old panties and you’ve spotted holes in his boxers too.

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8. Food world

Date nights are now few and far in between. It’s all about eating ghar ka khana, the desi way. No more knives and forks for pizza and masala dosa. Plus while eating out, you know exactly what he will choose from the menu.

9. Chore time

You do most of his chores like fixing the doctor’s appointment or getting his groceries. The fine line between girlfriend and mother has become disturbingly thin.

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10. All things period

He knows your brand of sanitary napkins and doesn’t mind picking it up on his way if you have exhausted your stock. Phew!

11. Predictable sexual routine

It’s like you are on an auto-mode. You know exactly what you are in for - except on those rare days when he sweeps you off your feet and surprises you!

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12. Family like friends

His mom WhatsApps you more than him. And together, you can pull his legs and be mean to him.

13. Best friends forever

You'd rather hang out with him than your mates. It’s amazing when your bae is your bestie!

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