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11 Little Signs He Wants You In His Future Too!

11 Little Signs He Wants You In His Future Too!

In the age of flings and hookups, it’s not very easy to find a man who will love you no matter what. Which is why my mother always told me to trust a man’s actions more than his words. While you might hear a lot of ‘forevers’ from different guys, know that the real one will prove it with tiny gestures. Ladies, if you really want to know whether he sees you in his future, look out for these 11 simple signs!

1. If he says ‘we’ a lot

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Well, united is how any two people stay strong. So, if I becomes ‘we’ when he is talking about things, you must know that he is serious about you.

2. Constant reminder of how much he loves you

By constant we don’t mean every hour of every day, but if he tells you that he loves you when you’re least expecting, know that he’s a keeper!

3. He worries about you

When you love someone, you make sure they’re safe and sound and any sign of the opposite makes you restless. Ladies, if he worries about you when he should, you know it’s real!

4. He pays attention to small things

We always want someone to pay attention to little things in life and it’s always a great feeling to know that someone you love, does that for you.

5. He does mention a future where he sees you

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While no one likes to jump the gun, it’s okay to talk about these things sometimes. After all, wouldn’t you want a lifetime and more with the person you love?

6. He can handle the ‘sometimes crazy’ you

We all have mood swings and would love it if someone can understand that and still be with us. Ladies, it is okay with you acting a bit off at times and if he is willing to be there for you during your ups and downs, there is nothing like it!

7. You don’t have to make an effort to enjoy together, it’s effortless!

If you have to spend the rest of your life with someone, you need to make sure that you enjoy spending time with him alone. If you both just need each other to have a great time, know that it’s something that will sustain you in the long run!

8. He is always your go-to person

Let’s face it, you are available for someone who you WANT to be available for. If he is there for you no matter what then know that he will be there for you, for the rest of his life.

9. Your opinion matters to him

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If you love someone, you’d like to have a little say in their life. It makes you feel special when someone wants your opinion in their life. You know that they trust you with decisions.

10. He acts responsibly because he knows he is not alone

You always make decisions knowing that they will affect the person you’re with. If all his decisions are made keeping you in mind, you know he is definitely foreseeing a pretty future for the both of you!

11. He makes sure to resolve any sort of fight soon

And more importantly, he does not let you sleep upset. Fights in any relationship are inevitable but how two people handle a fight is what builds a strong relationship!

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