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10 Little Signs That He’s Not-So-Serious About The Relationship

10 Little Signs That He’s Not-So-Serious About The Relationship

Have you fallen for a boy who is giving you mixed signals? Does he say one thing and do absolutely another? While we believe that it’s okay to give him a few fair chances, it’s never okay to let yourself go through repeated trauma just in the hope of having things turn out in your favour. Remember this ladies - just because you’re a vegetarian does not mean the lion will not eat you. Here are 10 signs that he is leading you on!

1. What you have is always referred to as a ‘thing’

Sure, it’s a ‘thing’ when two people meet and start talking but after a few weeks into it, you know what you want and you definitely know what you don’t. If he still calls what you and he has as a ‘thing’ then ladies, it’s time to actually change the ‘thing’.

signs that he is leading you on 1 beyonce no

2. He takes forever to reply to your texts

Please stop convincing yourself that he is busy. Know that no matter how busy someone is, if they want to, they will reach out to you. Even if it’s a ‘I’ll get back to you in sometime’ text. It’s the thought of attending to you that counts.

3. He barely makes an effort to call

Calling someone means making an effort - a very tiny one. And it is not too much to ask for. If he can’t even do this much to know where or how you are then it’s really not worth it!

4. He’d rather keep it quiet

We all love it when someone tells us that they love us. Isn’t it twice as awesome when they claim it in front of people?! Well, you may not expect PDA but if he likes to keep you a secret from everyone he knows then he is not the one.

signs that he is leading you on 4 girl cry

5. He is amazing with you in private and a little different when with people

It’s easy to tell you all sorts of things in private. If he behaves absurdly when around people then he is surely not taking things too seriously!

6. If he cancels plans last minute...all the time!

If someone is serious about being with you then they will try their hardest to stick to the plan, no matter what. They will not leave you hanging and will be absolutely sensitive about the fact that you made an effort to plan something.

7. If he makes too many excuses for everything

Let’s get this straight - if he wants you, he will make an effort. If he wants to meet he will do it inspite of being busy. If he is making too many excuses - girl, you might want to rethink your decision.

signs that he is leading you on 7 what girlgif

8. Things are planned mostly on his terms

If you like someone, you have to come halfway when it comes to decision making. If you only meet up when he is available and keep yourself free according to his timetable then he is surely not that into you!

9. He's very on and off

It’s like he has a radar. He knows when you’re doing fine without him. That's when he swoops in and makes sure he does everything wrong. So if he keeps coming and going (again, according to their own convenience) then you know you’re being led on!

10. He still have a backlog of a previous relationship

What if you’re just a rebound? What if he just want you to keep him distracted? If there is a girl from his past who is still in his life - abort mission, I repeat - abort mission right away!

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Published on Jul 17, 2017
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