13 Naughty Texts To Send Bae When *You* Are In The Mood!

13 Naughty Texts To Send Bae When *You* Are In The Mood!

How do you tell your man you’re in the mood for some sexy time? It’s not easy, right? You have to constantly think of innovative and fun ways to get the sex factor up in your relationship. Well, worry not! We’ve got 13 sexy texts to send bae whenever you want him to know you’re in the mood. He will be so happy and surprised to read them all!

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1. ‘Should I wear a short skirt tonight or a really short skirt?’

1 sexy texts to send - girl in dress

2. ‘I have planned a surprise for you tonight and I am sure you are going to love it!’

3. ‘I was thinking of dressing up tonight. What do you like? Nurse or secretary?’

3 sexy texts to send - nurse costume

4. ‘You have one sexual favour if you guess the colour of my bra right!’

5. ‘Everything about you turns me on, you are all I ever think about!’

5 sexy texts to send - michael jackson

6. ‘I’ve been daydreaming all day long...you and me naked, moaning and sweaty...want to add anything to this vision?’

7. ‘Rest well honey, you are going to need every ounce of energy you can find tonight.’

7 sexy texts to send - taylor swift

8. ‘I can’t wait to see my clothes on the floor next to yours!’

9. ‘I haven’t done anything productive today. Does that make me spank worthy?’

9 sexy texts to send - couple undressing

10. ‘Your wish is my command! How many wishes can you think of?’

11. ‘I am craving you right now!!’

11 sexy texts to send - minions

12. ‘I love you so much I don’t even mind you ripping my clothes off!’

13. ‘I am wearing a surprise for you at work today - meet me soon!’

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