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10 Super Fun Treasure Hunts To Plan For Your Boyfriend!

10 Super Fun Treasure Hunts To Plan For Your Boyfriend!

Ladies, our boyfriends often do the sweetest things for us. From getting us cute gifts to surprising us on days when we might be feeling low. It’s time you reciprocate in kind by doing the most adorable things for him too. Here are 10 romantic treasure hunts you could totally plan for your boyfriend!

1. Missing pieces of a puzzle

If you both love solving puzzles together, why not plan a scavenger hunt with a puzzle set involved? Finding each piece of the puzzle will lead him to the next - until the final one which will lead him to a cutesy gift, a movie night or just you in a sexy dress?

2. A special drive

The first clue can be on the steering wheel of his car, leading him to the first of the special places that you have made memories together. And to many others, revisiting the life you have built together.

3. One with the post-its

Get creative with them post-its. Write cute little poems (indicating his favourite places/things etc) and stick them in different places in his house. Let these colourful chits of paper add a little quirk to your love life!

3 treasure hunts - beyonce

4. Photographs to the rescue

Why not plan a treasure hunt with photographs of special memories, familiar locations, and other specific things to lead your boyfriend on a romantic hunt, in the end of which, he finds you like always!

5. A few of his favourite things

Decide the gift you would like to gift him finally. Then arrange all his favourite things - video game, book, music album etc as arrows that lead up to it!

6. Pop them balloons

This would especially be great if it was on the eve of his birthday. Number the clues and hide them inside the balloons at his birthday party and have him guess what the special gift from you could possibly be.

6 treasure hunts - girl being sly

7. Say ‘em in hearts

This could be a bit cheesy - but what if all your clues were shaped in heart - balloons, notes, cupcakes? This might just lead to the most romantic treasure hunt ever!

8. A weekend away

You can really kick things up a notch and take him to one of your favourite places for the treasure hunt activity. A treasure hunt is all the more fun with waves at an arm’s distance and a glass of wine in your hand. You could get the hotel staff involved and make it the best weekend of his life!

9. Set out on a pub crawl

Head to the places where you have had the best pizzas and the best pint of beer and maybe your first kiss as well. Each venue will have a clue and the only rule is that neither one of you can stop at a place. You gotta keep moving boy!

9 treasure hunts - leonardo di caprio

10. Over some board games

If you both don’t want to step out of home and you want to surprise him too, why not do it while playing some board games? With every game he wins, he gets one clue that’ll lead him to the final ‘treasure’.

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Published on Jul 25, 2017
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