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10 Reasons Women Fake Orgasms… But Should Not!

10 Reasons Women Fake Orgasms… But Should Not!

While it’s great if you have an orgasm every time you have sex, it isn’t something common to all women. In fact, a lot of women don’t orgasm each and every time, and that’s okay. And let’s not deny it ladies, many even fake orgasms every now and then. Yes, faking the big O is common, and here are the real reasons why women fake orgasms...but shouldn’t!

1. To make him feel like a hero in bed

Most of the time, women fake an orgasm because they want the man to feel like a hero in bed. Even if he is not doing the right thing, he should feel like he is. But why?! Maybe you should tell him what you might think the right thing is.

1 women fake orgasms

2. To get rid of the pain

Sex is not just pleasure always. Some women experience pain too and just to get over with it soon, they fake a climax situation. She might not want the man to know that she is hurting and so, she makes it end ASAP. Is that really the right way to go but?

3. To get away with awkward questions

Many times, women want to escape certain awkward questions that will put them in a spot. So, just to avoid questions like ‘Was I not good enough?’ or ‘Is anything wrong?’ they usually take the easier route and fake it. However, in the long run it really isn’t a good idea.

4. Because sometimes we just know it’s not going to happen

Let’s put this straight up. We just know - what’s about to happen and when it’s about to happen. If we know we’re close, we act accordingly. But when we know that we’re far from it, we actually just lay there and let the man enjoy it, instead. But being selfless isn’t always the best idea in bed!

4 women fake orgasms

5. Because sometimes we’re not in the mood

It could be that we are tired, upset or just simply not in the mood for no real reason. We also don’t want him to feel that we’re not too keen on it, which is why we feel that it’s easier to fake it than to tell him truly that in fact, we’re just not in the mood. However, bedroom communication is of key importance and we all should know that by now.

6. To prove the unreal reality

We are made to believe that women have a super great time during sex NO MATTER WHAT Which is why, to keep that myth alive, we moan a little more. Just to make them believe what they believe! However, if you are not having a good time then the best thing to do is to stop and understand why you are not enjoying it. A chance to do things differently!

7. Because men and women have different ways of achieving an orgasm

Men orgasm way faster than women (well, mostly) and it’s true. Infact, by the time a man reaches his orgasm, we are sometimes not even halfway there. So, in a situation like this, women prefer to fake it than actually wait for it to happen. But why intentionally let go of such an awesome feeling?!

7 women fake orgasms

8. Because we hardly give masturbation any importance

We all know men masturbate and do it on a regular basis but women have always been told to shun their sexuality. So we have no clue what will lead us to an orgasm and in what amount. Whereas a man knows exactly how to get there. Ladies, like we’ve always said going solo is a great idea!

9. To increase our own arousal

We don’t know if many people know this but moaning actually makes us feel good too. It just makes us feel like we’re getting there, or at least getting close. Did you know that it turns us on in some way too? However, if it’s only moaning and no orgasm then it can be quite a let down!

10. To turn him on

We know that men too feel very aroused when they hear us moan. They feel like they’re doing a good job and just to give them a hypothetical pat on the back, we fake it so that they can perform twice as better.

10 women fake orgasms

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