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6 Reasons Why The Next iPhone Is *Worth* Waiting For!

6 Reasons Why The Next iPhone Is *Worth* Waiting For!

Whether you like it or not, iPhones have a certain charm. The next iPhone is expected to launch in September and it is, by far, Apple’s most anticipated phone EVER! Want to know why? Here are a few of our favourite ‘rumours’ about what will be coming your way with the new iPhone 8 (or iPhone X, as it might be called, to celebrate Apple’s 10th anniversary).

Here’s why you might want it to be your next phone!

1. A Super Cool New Screen

Apple is expected to introduce a new display technology. Compared to the current LED screen, OLED offers a much higher resolution and will even ensure that your battery lasts longer. The future is better!

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2. It’s Time To Embrace Wireless Charging!

Wire-effing-less charging - no way! If you’re wondering how that would work, this is something that they call ‘charging at a distance’. Does that mean no more ports? Yes! Does that mean an even slimmer iPhone? Oh, yes! Does that mean charging with no strings attached? Nope! You’d still need some physical contact between the phone and the charging pod.

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3. Apple Might Give Its Camera 3D Sensors

This one’s gonna interest you the most if you’re all about selfies. A 3D laser scanner means better depth sensing abilities, boasted auto-focus and an augmented reality app experience. In short - the iPhone 8 is going to help you click incredible pictures. And we’ve heard they will be incorporating this in the rear as well as the selfie camera. Isn’t a great camera a win for everyone?

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4. An Embedded Touch ID

If you’re thinking that the - the touch identification won’t be a button on the screen anymore, but instead embedded underneath the display. Then, yes, you’re right!

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5. We Might See An All-Glass Design

Hold your horses, because this one is big! The new iPhone is speculated to have an all glass, stainless steel design. Not sure if it’s going to be curved or flat, but it sounds damn intriguing, doesn’t it?

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6. They’re Taking Away The Home Button

Did we just say NO Home Button? Yes, we did. This has actually been one of the strongest rumours that have been floating around since the iPhone 7 was released. We’ll have to wait and see how Apple manages to pull this one off.

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