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10 Ways To Meet Your Future Hubby - Not Just Through Parents!

10 Ways To Meet Your Future Hubby - Not Just Through Parents!

Don’t just wait for your dream guy to come looking for you. Go out there and find him! Here are 10 ways in which you could meet your future husband, for even cupid helps those who help themselves. Might we suggest you start exploring options other than just shaadi.com? Good, here we go then…

1. Download ‘em dating apps like Tinder, TrulyMadly, OKCupid

Let technology play the modern day cupid and help you meet your soulmate. You might have to date a few frogs before your prince charming reveals himself. But it’d be worth the effort, girl.

2. Have some fun at the bar!

Walk into a bar that plays good music, serves better alcohol and opens its doors to people from all walks of life. You may never know what turn an interesting conversation with a cute looking stranger may lead to.

2 meet your future husband - man drinking

3. Ask your friends to play matchmakers.

They’ve practically seen you grow up and know you inside out. Trust them to find someone who’d be just perfect for you. Plus, they’re dying to dance and booze at your wedding, so why not set them on the job to find you a husband?

4. Attend other peoples’ weddings!

Between all the celebration and fun, you may just find some cute boy from the groom’s side paying special attention to you. If you please, you may return the favour and do a background check on him, what with his family and relatives and friends present at the wedding too. How convenient is that?

4 meet your future husband - shruti hassan

5. Look through the matrimonial section in newspapers.

You know the page that screams brides wanted or grooms wanted and mentions in detail exactly what traits they’re looking for in one? Yup, you too could advertise for your dream husband on one such page and wait for him to come find you, or reply to someone who already seems to be looking for someone like you.

6. Let all your relatives know you’re single and ready to mingle…

…And watch them swing into action by recalling their friend’s chachi’s son, who is working in the U.S and earning jaw-droppingly well. Be assured, they’ll discuss your prospects at every social event they attend next and have you fixed up, in no time.

6 meet your future husband - arranged marriage

7. Visit one of the many caste-specific marriage bureaus.

You’d have to submit a biodata and seep through many biodatas of ‘suitable’ guys yourself too. But the boys at the bureau will not rest until they’ve found you a husband. It’s what they’ll get paid for, after all.

8. Keep your family pundit informed.

It’s kinda old-school, but no less effective. After all, many people seek the pundit to match their child’s kundli to another; wouldn’t they then know a couple of eligible boys near you too?

8 meet your future husband - salman khan getting married

9. Keep meeting new people at your workplace.

You never know where cupid strikes, right? Let’s not leave any option unexplored, then. Who knows, maybe professional networking leads you onto something a bit more personal?

10. Join your fav activity groups on platforms like Meetup

What better way to look for a life partner than by doing something you love? Whether you love to sing, dance, cook, write or shoot – join activity groups that bring people with hobbies similar to you and in the process, meet someone you click with. You’re welcome!

10 meet your future husband - singing

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