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What Is The *One* Pick Up Line That Will Make You Say ‘YES’?

What Is The *One* Pick Up Line That Will Make You Say ‘YES’?

Have you ever walked into a cafe and realized there is a cutie you like? We all have such moments when we look at a guy and forget the smooth criminal we are!

Well, this video from Fastrack captures the same emotion that we all have when we stumble! You have a chance to help this player make a move? Tell us pickup lines that make you blush in the comment section below. Use #FastrackHelpAPlaya in your comments and win some kickass goodies.

Fastrack Help A Playa Contest

We're looking for anyone who can give this Playa some game! Tell us what he should say to her in the comments below using #FastrackHelpAPlaya and win some killer goodies! T&C Apply: https://www.fastrack.in/helpaplaya

Posted by Fastrack on Friday, July 7, 2017


*This is a sponsored post for Fastrack.

Published on Jul 20, 2017
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