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11 Bridal Photos You JUST.CAN’T.MISS At Your Wedding!

11 Bridal Photos You JUST.CAN’T.MISS At Your Wedding!

We’ve heard so many brides complain about how their wedding album feels incomplete. There’s always some shot that got missed, or a special person you didn’t get the chance to have a great picture with. Yup, it happens. And that is exactly why you must share a list of photo ideas with your wedding photographer. To help you out, here a 11 photos every bride must get clicked!

1. That beautiful mother - daughter picture

Make sure you get one clicked before your bridal entry and definitely before the vidaai.

2. A crazy one with allll your besties!

Cause’ girls just wanna have fun!!

3. The not-so-typical romantic picture with bae

Just like this one! So pretty, right?

4. That ‘must have’ lehenga twirling picture

Ask your sister to shoot a slow motion video too. It comes out great!

5. That slightly sexy picture of your bridal shoe


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God, we love how this one has been shot!

6. Goofy images are the BEST ones!

Get what we’re saying?!

7. A getting ready photo with all your jewellery in focus!

Fixing your earring is one pose that always works wonders!

8. A royal bride and groom portrait

You can even make it a family portrait… With all the men standing behind their wives. So royal!

9. A kissy photo with bae!


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Cause’ how can you not have a kissing photo at your wedding!

10. Don’t forget your fur ball of LOVE

Because this is one photo you’ll cherish forever.

11. Your closest friends and family in the same frame

And not on the wedding stage! A fun photo like this with all your special people is a must!

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