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This Soulful ‘Raabta’ Version Is *Perfect* For Your Bridal Entry

This Soulful ‘Raabta’ Version Is *Perfect* For Your Bridal Entry

As soon as a girl’s wedding date is decided, she starts imagining her big day in her head. She starts planning her trousseau, the songs which she will dance to, her mehendi designs and every tiny detail that has anything to do with her wedding. She wants it to be magical in every way, and why not?

But, more often than not, there is one thing that is usually not paid much heed to. It is the song to which the bride enters the wedding venue. The bride’s entry is supposed to be one of the most special moments of the wedding; after all she is walking towards a new life, and each step she takes should be a memorable one, right?

So, move over Din Shagna Da, coz this soulful rendition of Raabta by Twin Strings featuring Pavitra Krishnan and Manav is *the* song for the bride’s entry. It’s so soothing, and instantly warms the heart! A perfect combination, don’t you think? You listen to it once, and rest assured, you will not only be playing it on loop but also imagining yourself as a bride walking down the aisle with this melody playing in the background. Even if you aren’t getting married anytime soon, this one will make you want to, it’s so dreamy! Check it out:

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