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I Used *This* Phone For 3 Days And TBH, There’s NO Going Back!

I Used *This* Phone For 3 Days And TBH, There’s NO Going Back!

I have to be honest with you. My knowledge about up and coming mobile phones is abysmally low. Of course, like everyone else I see ads on the telly and read a review or two - but I am quite at sea when it comes to choosing a cell phone for myself. And I have had to face the repercussions over time -  no phone of mine would last more than a year. And many a times, I have had to borrow someone else’s phone to click a photo - because mine wouldn’t cooperate.

1 oppo f3

When I received the OPPO F3 phone to use, I quite honestly had mixed feelings. What could a lay person like me possibly understand and articulate about a phone with the latest tech? But, from the very first moment, it snugly fit into my hands, and from time to time I found myself browsing the device and discovering new things by myself.

What stands about the OPPO F3 is it’s glorious invention when it comes to selfie cameras. It has two of them - one 16 MP for selfies and another wide-angle 120-degree 8 MP camera specially conceptualised for making a group selfie come about like a breeze. There are a whole lot of editing options to help you enhance your pictures even further. The new bokeh effect blurs the background in your selfies so you alone are the focus of the picture. The beautify feature, for one, is a blessing in disguise. So even on a bad hair day, or the times when you have the worst acne - your photo still comes out looking like a million bucks! (Yes, I had a great times playing around - don't judge!)

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The OPPO F3’s rear camera offers phenomenal focusing speed, noise reduction and low-light performance, letting you click amazing photos in any light conditions.

The phone comes in two colours - gold and black, both of which look stunning and classy in their own way. The 4 GB ram and 64GB storage ensures that your phone is always running at top speed. And, of course, this means that you never have to delete older pictures to make room for new ones. Isn't that a huge relief? The battery backup is commendable as well - yes, I could tell in the 3 days that I used the phone. And guess what? You can actually use two sim cards with one storage card at the same time. Their Clone App also enables you to use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time. Isn’t that SO great?

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I have used the phone for little over 3 days now, but from reading books to taking selfies, Snapchatting and posting Instagram stories, it has been an easy-breezy ride. Truth be told, there is no going back for me. If you’re someone who enjoys being on their phone and love clicking a whole lot of selfies - the OPPO F3 and you are a match made in heaven!

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