11 COOL Ways To Style The Same T-Shirt This Season!

11 COOL Ways To Style The Same T-Shirt This Season!

A t-shirt, whether plain or printed is a wardrobe staple. It’s that one item in our wardrobe that can always be styled to work in our favour! As styles keep evolving, so does the styling of this basic tee. To keep up with the latest trends, here are 11 new ways to wear the same t-shirt in the most 2017 way!  

1. Skirt It!


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A pleated skirt that has a metallic sheen is a wardrobe essential of the season. Pairing it with a t-shirt gives is a casual spin and makes it perfect to be worn for a day out with friends!

2. Corporate Chic


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Thought a slogan tee can’t be worn for a meeting? Think again. There’s no such place where you can’t sport a t-shirt. Especially if you team it with a crisp blazer and flared pants.

3. Underlay Never Goes Wrong

The slip trend has proved itself to be the most comfortable and easygoing in the past. When we discovered that they can be worn with t-shirts too, indulging in this trend seemed necessary!  

4. Summer Vibes



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Summer is better with flowy fabrics that make you feel light. So don’t shy away from adding a floral piece to your basic jeans and tee look. It’ll give your outfit the rhythm it needs!  

5. The Party Edit


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Because every tee is a party-ee! Tie it up in a knot and team it with a blingy skirt for that cool, effortless party style.  

6. A Meshy Affair

It’s 2017 and a mesh t-shirt is as much of an essential as a regular tee. It’s trendy, and its versatile nature makes it a very OOTD-friendly piece to own. Try it over a denim dress and you’ll know what we mean!

7. Wear It As It Is!


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Because liberal isn’t just a word and feminism is in dressing however you want. A tee that can work well as a t-shirt dress doesn’t need no pants, girl.

8. Indie Inspiration

Layering is always a good idea. Especially if it’s an indie dress that needs a trendy touch. Take it from minimal to magical by simply wearing a t-shirt under it.

9. Too Cool For School

Culottes along with suspenders are huge this season! And why won’t they be? They’re comfortable and summer-friendly. If you’re looking for the right top to wear with it, pick out that t-shirt in your closet!

10. Werk It To Work

The regular blue jeans and white tee combination has evolved into this chic outfit that works just as well (maybe better) for work. Top that up with sleek stilettos and you’re ready!

11. Layer It Up

Layers aren’t just for the winter season. Give that basic t-shirt and shorts outfit a trendy twist by teaming it with a denim jacket. And you have the perfect airport-look ready in a second!