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Brace Yourself! Here Comes A Wig For Your EYEBROWS!

Brace Yourself! Here Comes A Wig For Your EYEBROWS!

The makeup and beauty industry is always experimenting with new and bizarre ideas. Some trends like the feather eyebrows and concealing the eyebrows have been the top beauty trends on the runway, but in reality, everyone is lusting over the bushy eyebrows. The industry is now helping you achieve this trend. After eyebrow powders and eyebrow pencils hit the beauty market to help make your brows look bushy, it’s time for a new eyebrow trend - the eyebrow wig!


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The eyebrow wig is a perfect solution for those people who have scanty eyebrows. Catering to one and all, it’s available in multiple differently-shaped arches and hair colour shades. The wig is basically human hair that is put on a silicon base, which is to be applied on the eyebrow area after cleaning the face. You just have to ensure that the natural oil of your skin is removed so that the eyebrow stays stuck on. The process was initially being used for cancer patients and has now been established as a beauty trend!

Published on Jul 12, 2017
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