Make heads turn with these gorgeous bridal eye makeup tips!

Make heads turn with these gorgeous bridal eye makeup tips!

Your wedding day has to be *perfect* in every sense. Being the stunning bride-to-be that you are, your trousseau should be nothing but exceptional. When everything that you’re going to wear on your big day is right on point, your makeup should be just as awesome too. And your wedding eye makeup should do all the talking! Here we have some amazing bridal eye makeup trends which you should definitely check out before settling on a look for your D-day.

1. Jewel-toned eyes will make you shine


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Instead of opting for basic eyeshadows, which are so last year, experiment with your look and try jewel-toned eyeshadows instead, the latest eye makeup trend of the season. Shades like sapphire, ruby, emerald are all the rage this season and can instantly glam up even the simplest of looks. The bride here went for an orange-yellow sapphire toned eyeshadow, and we must say she looks mesmerizing.

2. Steer clear from dark, made-up eyebrows

While bold brows were a rage sometime back, for your wedding day, it’s best to avoid anything too heavy or done up. Especially if you’re having a day wedding, avoid dark or bold eyebrows. Natural eyebrows are the best way to go when it comes to bridal eye make-up. Also, try and go for very subtle make-up for a day affair, just like this pretty bride here.

3. Bring on the glamour with metallic eyeshadows

Again, just like jewel-toned eyeshadows, metallic shades too look extremely gorgeous. Be it a day wedding or a chilly winter evening scene, metallic eyeshadows are sure to look great as wedding eye make-up. Try out this total *stunner* of a trend, as it not only makes your eyes look bigger and brighter, but will give you a nice, glowy finish too!

4. Classic kohled eyes are always sexy

Nothing can pretty up your eyes like the trustworthy kohl pencil. Just look at how gorgeous this bride looks! The dark kohl does not only put emphasis on her pretty eyes, but also enhances her overall make-up. Kohl is the way to go if you want to look like a traditional and royal bride. After all, classics never go out of fashion, right?!

5. Dress up your lashes

The bride here meant business when she not only opted for heavily dolled-up eyelashes, but decided to go all out with a striking blue mascara. And we have to admit that this wedding eye make-up look totally works for her. A lot of contrasting colours here, but they still manage to mesmerize.

6. Dual-coloured eyeliners for the *diva*

This is one look that we are totally in love with! Look at how pretty this bride looks with her natural make-up. But what adds that perfect bridal eye make-up touch is the dual eyeliner. The classic black topped with a pretty shade of blue was all it took to turn this simple look into a stunning one!

7. Dual eyeshadows look great too

Okay, so you can’t pick just one shade for your bridal eye make-up, is it? We have a solution! Go for two. The bride here opted for two very subtle shades of golden and pink for her eyes, and the classic winged liner. This look works best if you do not go OTT with the choice of colours. Keep it simple and classy.

8. Ombre, all the way!

Ombre is a major trend in wedding eye make-up. It’s basically where the lighter shade perfectly blends into a darker shade. And ombre has become quite a rage, even in eye make-up. Like this bride here, who perfectly smudged a light gold-pink eyeshadow into a dark grey one. Makes for one amazing and edgy look, what say?

9. Coloured smokey eyes are the new *stunners*

Smokey eyes have been around for a very long time and have managed to impress one and all. But, do you know what looks even better? Coloured smokey eyes! You can opt for a shade matching your outfit, just like this beautiful bride, or go for a contrasting look if you fancy a bold look as your bridal eye make-up.

10. Chic winged liner for the fashionista bride

We’ve completely fallen in love with this bride’s wedding eye make-up look. Her ‘no fuss’ make-up look is just so refreshing. And the bold winged liner along with an even coat of golden eyeshadow has made this a winning bridal look.