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Sunday Shorts: 3 HOT Tales Of Couples Trying A New Position!

Sunday Shorts: 3 HOT Tales Of Couples Trying A New Position!

1. First Fall!

‘Now you put your leg up here,’ he directed me. We were trying a new sex position that night. Why? Because we could. However, I had no clue how it was going so far. My hands were on the bed and feet up on his shoulders. ‘Baby…’ I began to say, he turned sharply to look at me and BAM! I fell off the bed!!

He laughed even before he could look at me! ‘Hey! A little help here?’ I asked, he picked me up and kissed me lightly. ‘That was fun, let’s do it again soon?’ he asked, still laughing. ‘Yeah? How soon is now?’ I asked returning his light kiss with a fierce one.

Well, let’s just say the second time worked just fine.

1 trying a new sex position - couple in bed

2. Face To Face

After a long workout session at the gym, I invited him over to spend the rest of the afternoon. Both of us were dog-tired and while we sat down and sipped on some hot chai, his hand reached out for my foot and began to gently massage the soles of my feet.

Asking me to put my cup of tea away, he caught me off guard and pulled me towards him. My legs wrapped around his waist and our lips firmly pressing against each others. In a matter of a few minutes, his shorts were thrown on the couch, my sports bra on the floor and his jersey thrown on the arm chair. His face was a breath away from mine, hips in sync, and for a minute, all felt blissful. A workout-after-workout session is a great way to burn those calories in the most pleasurable way possible. *Wink*.

2 trying a new sex position

3. Stand up straight

It was one of those drunken nights. My boyfriend and I were out with a bunch of friends till quite late in the night, and we eventually got back to his flat. We both sat on his bed and internally knew what the next step was - we were going to hit the sack immediately because well, we were just SO tired from all the dancing and drinking. Just as we laid down and sank into our pillows, we exchanged a glance, you know the one in which you look at each other one last time before you slip into sweet slumber? In a split second, we felt this bout of energy and err… intense attraction. He said to me, ‘Want to try something new tonight?’ ‘Of course!’ I replied. This was when he just pulled me up and pinned me against the wall. He pressed his lips against mine and grabbed me with unprecedented passion! What followed was the hottest sex we’d had, and we did it standing! Honestly, he had to do all the hard work with the angles etc., but he seemed to have LOVED it too.

3 trying a new sex position couple kissing

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