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#MyStory: His Family Set Him Up While He Was Dating Me!

#MyStory: His Family Set Him Up While He Was Dating Me!

Being very good friends after a year of texting and talking on the phone, he decided to meet me. He then came to meet me after tuition and we spent a lot of time together and then took the same bus to go home. We kept meeting the same way and our bond only grew stronger. There was something special when he hugged me, and then, one day I asked him to accompany me to my cousin’s town and that day we kissed. After which, I asked him what did I mean to him and what this thing was.

Undoubtedly, that was a difficult question for him to answer, as it was for me because we were from different religions. We both agreed to be in a relationship, but my condition was that we won’t think of this as long term commitment. But it had been two years, and we were happy when things changed and all of a sudden, I noticed his way of texting me had also changed. The way he used to text and the cute little things he used to say weren’t there anymore. But when we met, it all seemed pretty much the same.

But one day, I called him and he didn’t take my call for really long and he was talking to someone else as I waited. I knew something was definitely wrong but still chose to trust him. After a while, he messaged me saying, ‘Hey baby, sorry couldn’t take your call.’ And I obviously lost it and asked him whether the baby was intended for me or for someone else. He just said, no and kept things normal so that our relationship does not affect my studies. He had been very encouraging as far as my studies are concerned. I know he did care for me but for how long? Maybe, he was no longer interested in being in a relationship, maybe he just wanted us to be friends.

And finally, one day, he told me the truth that he was texting another girl! I was really shocked and asked him if the girl knew about me. Of course, she did not. I then came to know that his aunt had fixed his engagement with that girl.

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Yes, maybe he cheated on me. I told him that you did lie to me, you are keeping that girl in the dark as well. Unexpectedly, after our conversation, he told that girl the truth. But surprisingly, she had no problem with the fact that we hadn’t broken up yet. I spoke to his sister after all this to be able to take a proper decision. She asked me if my family will accept our relationship and I honestly did not know. My boyfriend tried to make me understand that as I am the only child, I shouldn’t break their heart. Being an orphan, he knew the importance of parents in one’s life better than me.

I was in such a dilemma; I did not know what decision to take. My heart broke into pieces. But, it was necessary to take a firm decision. So I decided to break up with him. It is not easy to forget someone who I loved with all my heart and it took me a lot of time to get over him.

I do miss our friendship and is it why they say, first love can never be forgotten? I am now single waiting for the right one to come into my life. I am happy that I did take the right decision at the right time than getting hurt in life later on.

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