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#MyStory: My Boyfriend Led Me Into The Mall’s Washroom And…

#MyStory: My Boyfriend Led Me Into The Mall’s Washroom And…

We have never really been a very adventurous or impulsive couple. Coming from similar defence backgrounds, we were both sticklers for discipline and having things done the correct, ethical way. But holding yourself up to an impossible standard comes at a cost and we stopped having fun along the way.

Obviously, Aarav and I had great amounts of fabulous sex behind closed doors, but in public, we were straight jacketed. As the girlfriend of an army man, I too had to put up with the continuous pretence. No casual flirting, a hug or a peck on his cheek. We could have even been mistaken for strangers for all I care.

The behaviour that we put up in front of the society started straining our relationship too. Nitpicking on each others’ mistakes and constant arguments followed as a natural progression. One day, we went to the mall together to our favourite Italian restaurant, to sip on some cocktails and sort this mess out.  

After two or three hours of connecting like long-lost friends, we stepped out, hand-in-hand, slightly buzzed from slurping on entire pitchers of alcohol concoctions. He suddenly stopped me on my track and said - ‘Let’s go that way.’

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That way was an alley leading up to the washrooms. I followed him thinking that he probably wanted to take a leak. He swiftly scanned the area for camera and surveillance and pulled me inside the disabled bathroom.

He locked the door and pulled me closer to him. His eyes were welled up as if to say sorry for letting external factors get in between us. He kissed my neck, his hands inching down my waist, and I immediately felt weak in my knees. This one man was still capable of getting my heart racing without a moment’s notice.

The inevitable followed with pin-drop silence except for heavy breathing and him whispering, ‘I love you’ in my ears. After getting down and dirty, we promptly pulled up our pants and I walked out at first, just to keep suspicion at bay. He followed suit a minute or two later.  

This impulsive decision made us flush like a teenage couple and rekindled our love like never before. It was the first time and last time we had sex in a public bathroom, but after that experience, we never shied away from little PDA sessions which helped us truly express our love for the other person.

And that’s all that matters.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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