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#MyStory: At My Bestie’s Wedding… I Fell For Her Brother!

#MyStory: At My Bestie’s Wedding… I Fell For Her Brother!

Destination weddings are insane… Even more if it’s your bestie’s wedding! But back then, I had no idea that this particular wedding was going to be so much more for me. Snehal and I had been besties since the age of 5 years. We had seen each other through all our ups and downs - the crazy breakups, first loves, nerve-wrecking exam results and everything else that you can possibly imagine. Snehal lost her father in an accident when we were just in the 10th standard and that’s when her elder brother, Akhil, moved to Boston for work. I stood by Snehal like a rock and helped her cope with the incident. But things were different now. Snehal and I were all grown up and my BFF, my sister, my guardian angel, was in love and tying the knot!

It was a royal destination wedding in Jodhpur in March, 2017. All our friends had flown in from different parts of the country and so had Akhil. I was obviously super excited to be the main bridesmaid and also because after the bride, it was me who would get all the attention! The functions began and needless to say, the #ShaadiSquad (that’s us girls!) were all out and about in our gorgeous Indian ensembles, high heels, makeup, jewellery, the works!  As the bridesmaid, my job was more than just partying it up. I made sure that I was always around Snehal to take care of every little thing that she may need. Not to forget, calming her down through all those nervous breakdowns while also helping her dress up and making sure that all the guests were comfortable and well entertained. Akhil’s duties were pretty much the same and we found ourselves bumping into each other every now and then.

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I hadn’t interacted much with Akhil in all these years, but now that he was all grown up, he certainly looked extremely cute! He also came across a little serious and coy. I wondered if it was due to all the responsibilities that he had to take on, at such a young age. But all said and done, the wedding went on without any glitches. After the final wedding function, which ended around 2 pm, all the friends decided to have an extended party. Akhil and I, exhausted from all the running around, decided to call it a night and retire to our rooms. Just when we were walking back, Akhil asked if I’d like to join him by the pool for a drink. I happily accepted and minutes later we were sitting knee deep in water, sipping on yummy cocktails. A concoction of awkward silences, alcohol, tiredness and relief, soon turned into very interesting conversations. We talked about our school crushes, our families, life struggles, friendships and before I knew it, we were passionately kissing each other. Pheeewwww! I couldn’t believe it! I had just made out with my BFF’s brother. How the hell did that happen? Was it the alcohol or was there really a connection?

It has been a few months since the wedding and Akhil has been looking for a job in Delhi to be closer to his mother, now that Snehal is married. And as for Akhil and I, we’ve been sort of seeing each other. Also, that kiss wasn’t our first and last! We really did connect with each other. Life is a funny thing, I fell for the bride’s brother, who I had know almost all my life.

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