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#MyStory: I Read His Messages And Found Out That…

#MyStory: I Read His Messages And Found Out That…

I was single for quite a long time, almost for six years. I got a message on my Instagram handle. I ignored it quite a lot times but one fine day I replied, and this is how my story began, through Instagram. We started talking and chatting and gradually became better friends. He used to ride  almost three hours to meet me and his effort to make this relationship work had me floored.

It was like out of nowhere, I had found someone who would take so much effort for me… he was a handsome 6ft tall and a charming guy. Days went by and our love only grew. But with added love, cam added insecurities as well. He always doubted me… checked my social media accounts… Facebook, Instagram and even my WhatsApp. He used to warn me to never cheat and I used to find it sweet… who wouldn't love it. A bit of jealousy is a sign of loyalty I thought. After a few more months, our families got involved and were okay with each other dating! We had planned our lives together and we were about to get married. Everything seemed to be like a fairy tale… just perfect.

I was never so happy in my life. We usually met on Sundays so we planned and went out for lunch and then to his apartment to watch movie. I usually don’t check his phone, but I just casually asked for his password and unlocked his WhatsApp to find sexts from him to a girl and the girl responding to him as well.  The minute he saw my expression, he grabbed his phone and deleted those texts right way and I completely lost it. I was trying to get him off, then I demanded I want to read those messages.With a blank face, he said, he deleted the messages.

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I took the phone and checked his WhatsApp but could not find those messages. So I uninstalled WhatsApp and then reinstalled so as to restore the backup messages and read the entire conversation again. He was just still and confused and finally confessed that he had kissed her. I couldn’t believe he was cheating on me.

He pleaded me to not leave him and he promised me that he won’t repeat this ever again. I was broken, and didn’t know how could I trust someone like him. I came home, cried and felt shattered and lost. Then I decided to know the whole truth. I opened his Facebook because I knew his password, found her on his friendlist, and thought i’ll start chatting with her as I know he had slept off. So I messaged that girl, ‘I love you’ and she replied. ‘So much pyaar’, she said. ‘Remembered the kiss we shared that day’, I said. And she replied saying, ‘ I remember so many other things we did… in fact everything. From A- Z’. I asked her leading questions and the way she reciprocated to my questions and statement made things clear that it was not ‘just’ a kiss. They were friends with benefits and it wasn’t like it had stopped. He was cheating on me, even now. My world fell apart, i know he was guilty for what he had done but I had made up my mind that I won't settle for him or his crap. I knew I deserve better and I just couldn’t trust him again.

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